Made from soft PU without plasticizers, these ToeSpreaders available in two sizes enhance foot mobility and prevent damage from shoes with narrow toe boxes. They increase the mobility of the big toe and, with just 10 minutes of daily use, support the foot's natural alignment and stability. This helps achieve better joint support and can reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis, bunions, and other foot complaints. Foot exercises with the ToeSpreaders can positively influence the process.

The toeSpreader Pack contains two sizes...

- to ensure the perfect fit for every foot size
- to accompany your training progress: Start with the smaller toeSpreader and switch to the larger size as your training and structural adjustments progress.

This is how you use your Joe Nimble toeSpreader! 

The toeSpreader is made of soft PU and is inserted between the big toe and the second toe. The big toe is stretched and returned to its natural structure and position. This can counteract the 'runner's hallux' to use the full power potential of the big toe in the propulsion phase.

You can wear the toeSpreader in your Joe Nimble shoes with toefreedom® in everyday life or do specific exercises with it to specifically promote the structure and function of your big toe. The best way to wear the toeSpacer is with toe socks. However, barefoot is perfectly fine for the exercises.

You achieve the best results in everyday life when your foot is loaded - i.e. when you are on foot. The effect is negligible when you are sitting or lying down.

Depending on how severe your 'runner's hallux' is, you may only need to wear the toeSpreader for up to half an hour at first. Get used to the feeling slowly and don't overdo it. If you experience any discomfort in your foot or toes while wearing the toeSpreader, simply take it off again and give your feet a break. You can't change a structural change that has developed gradually over the years overnight...

Material: PU without plasticizers

toeSpreader Pack contents: 

- toeSpreader small: 24mm (height) x 17mm (diameter)
- toeSpreader large: 27mm (height) x 21mm (diameter)

EAN: 4062784174472

SKU: 004956-219-OS

For the ToeSpreader set there are special exercises to improve the structure of the foot.

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24 June 2024 08:20

Die Idee ist gut, Umsetzung bei mir nicht möglich

Die Idee fand ich gut und wollte diese ToeSpreader ausprobieren, bei mir passt die kleinere Version. Die Großzehe wird zwar gestreckt, jedoch werden die kleinen Zehen aufeinander geschoben dadurch, das ist nicht so schön. Bei mir funktioniert es nicht, vielleicht gibt es andere Erfahrungen?

If you have discomfort and pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe, you should always first consult a qualified therapist or doctor and discuss with him whether the product can have a suitable effect for you, especially if you have any complaints (such as pain, swelling, misalignment, numbness, tingling, symptoms of paralysis, etc.) The product description does not replace personal diagnostics and a training plan tailored to you or individual exercise recommendations. Our information only contains general information and may not be used for self-diagnosis. This product description does not represent therapy, but is intended to provide information! The product description contains a selection of the currently available level of knowledge and experience at the time of publication. The use of all exercises and recommendations from all product descriptions and videos is always at your own risk and responsibility, regardless of whether there is a corresponding medical diagnosis/recommendation or not.