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The Shoe Design

Joe Nimble - these are shoes with uncompromising toefreedom (toefreedom ®) and full focus on the big toe function. Toefreedom is the prerequisite for the toes to be "straight" (i.e. in line with the metatarsals) and thus fulfil their natural function. The ToePilot® technology helps you to utilise the strongest part of your foot, the big toe, so that you push off stably and powerfully with every step. When running, you can extend your flight phase by 13%!

Modern, conventional shoes as well as many running shoes are symmetrically shaped, as this simplifies the manufacturing process and appears more attractive to the eye due to decades of familiarisation. The flat toe box (no toe box and no hollowing out of the footbed are further characteristics of Joe Nimble shoes. When using symmetrical shoe lasts, the foot is sometimes squeezed together more and sometimes less. However, the volume of the foot has to be "stowed" somewhere: the shoe last is then moulded convexly at the ball of the foot, which results in the ball of the foot stepping downwards, which can lead to painful development. Joe Nimble doesn't have a toe spring , as is often the case with sneakers and running shoes, where the soles are bent upwards at the front of the toes ("for better rolling"). However, this means that the big toe is deprived of its central, natural function - to anchor and stabilise the foot and therefore the entire body.

For centuries, the running shoe and footwear industry has worked with symmetrical lasts that are tapered at the front. However, this last shape severely impairs the functionality of the naturally asymmetrical foot: The big toe can no longer fulfil its central function. As the strongest structure in the foot, it stabilises and has the potential to absorb 10% of the force in the propulsive phase! However, if it has no space and is squeezed, this does not work, the entire body becomes unbalanced and the strength potential is not utilised. To compensate for this instability, pronation supports and control mechanisms have been built into shoes for decades or orthopaedists and podiatrists prescribe insoles to compensate.

People have resigned themselves to symptom relief instead of getting to the root of the problem and eliminating it permanently. This is where Joe Nimble shoes come in: Together with renowned running coach and biomechanist Lee Saxby and an expert team of biomechanists, technicians, engineers, industrial designers and shoe industry professionals, we at Joe Nimble have developed a revolutionary shoe design for more toefreedom (toefreedom®) and big toe function (ToePilot®).

A wider, anatomically correct toe box allows the toes to perform their natural stabilising function during the ground contact phase of running, thus protecting the stabilising muscles from overloading. Our lasts are modelled on the natural shape of the foot and give the toes the freedom they need to perform a natural running style. This protects joints and prevents injuries.
In the morning, the foot is up to 4 mm shorter than in the evening, because the muscles tire during the day, the foot becomes slightly longer. This must be taken into account. On the other hand, it is important that the foot can roll freely. To do this, it needs enough width and enough length. If you bump into it, you compress the foot bones and cartilage. The space is also important for good blood circulation in the foot, for feet that are always warm without pressure points. We recommend a distance of 10mm from your longest toe to the inner front edge of the shoe.
We do not usually need different widths because our shoes do not narrow towards the front but follow the natural, asymmetrical shape of the foot.
No, the shoes are not narrower, but women's shoes are narrower at the heel because this is where men's and women's feet differ noticeably. However, the principle of uncompromising toe freedom, which was developed by Christian Bär more than 40 years ago, is identical for all models.
This is very different and it depends on the influencing factors. Depending on the sole, it depends on the surface on which the shoe is used. For example, the trail sole is currently not designed for asphalt, but on trail routes. When used on asphalt, the studs wear out faster.

It also depends on the running style and the own body weight of each individual, so the sole can wear out differently in different places. Depending on how many kilometers you run with the shoes.

The fact that shoe lasts are still modelled symmetrically pointed today has never been questioned.

The entire industry is based on this and has orientated itself around it. Wearing shoes that are too tight every day inevitably changes the shape of the foot itself: You can recognise this very well from the hallux angle. This shows very clearly how squashed the foot is - or was - in conventional, symmetrical shoes. 

If the foot cannot anchor the weight of the body properly and this weight is redistributed during repetitive strain, such as when jogging, then joints are misloaded. Misalignments or pain can be the result.
It's the other way round: Joe Nimble shoes are modelled on the natural anatomy and are designed to enable a natural running style. The foot and body should therefore not adapt to the shoe - the shoe must fit your foot!
We use different midsoles depending on the model.

The Ultreya and Pilot 1 have a durable PU midsole that we call nmblFoam. This is characterised by its extreme durability and reliable energy return.

For the Addicts/Trail Addicts/wanderToes 2.0, together with Soles by Michelin, we have developed an EVA midsole and rubber outsole with a thickness of 10mm for a direct running feel.
With our current collection, we are focussing more on the performance sector. Whether trail or road, we leave that up to the runner. However, we offer models that adapt to any surface. All shoe models offer the foot maximum toe freedom (toefreedom®). The respective sole thickness has been optimised depending on the surface and area of application: A thinner sole is suitable for activities that require maximum sensory feedback. For activities in which the foot is repeatedly exposed to high loads, such as long-distance running or on unstable, irregular surfaces such as trail running, a thicker sole provides more cushioning.

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The Joe Nimble team processes all orders as quickly as possible.
Delivers with in Germany take 1-3 days.
International deliveries (by using our international online shop) can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the specific country.
We make every effort to ensure your product arrives safely, intact and undamaged. Therefore we ship all orders via DHL. Deliveries with in Germany cost 3.95€. For international deliveries costs vary depending on the specific country of delivery. Further information on shipping costs are listed here.
We try to makes returns as easy as possible, simply fill out the return form attached to your order and post the product back to us. Returns within Germany are free of charge, but for international returns you will need to the shipping cost charged by your local postal service.
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To make an exchange as easy as possible for you, you have the option of entering a new order on the returns card (which is included in the package). 
As soon as we have received your returned item, we will refund your order. The refund will be made via the original payment method of your order. We will record your exchange order via purchase on account. The payment terms stated on the invoice will apply. 
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We offer a 2 year -guarantee on all of our shoes. If quality defects emerge (with in 2 years of purchase) regardless of proper care, we are obligated to repair, replace or equally compensate you free of charge, as long as the product in question is sent back to us including its receipt. This excludes normal wear. In any case, you can count on BÄR at any time – before, during and after your purchase. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, your warranty claims are governed by the statutory provisions of the sale of goods and other applicable laws. For more information you can reach us at the email address or on the phone +49 7142 95 66 10.
Even our footwear gets older. You can of course replace your shoes with a new pair, but you can also bring them to a local shoemakers.
All Joe Nimble shoes are hand lasted and each and every sole is placed, glued and pressed by hand, one shoe at a time. In rare cases, it is possible that a small detachment of the sole in critical parts (front, heel, etc.) can take place. Up to +/- 2mm is considered, by industry standards, as normal wear and tear. It will not go any further, there is no loss of function and therefore these cases are not considered as claims. In the unlikely event that the detachment progresses further, please contact us for our customer service.

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