Complaint and Service

What to do when the shoe pinches?

Only the best for your feet - that's what we at Joe Nimble work on every day with full commitment. But no one is perfect - and even we are unfortunately not 100 percent protected from the fact that the material or workmanship of our Joe Nimble shoes can sometimes be flawed. But of course we are responsible for this - within the framework of our two-year warranty period.

Why send afar when the cobbler is so close by?

We think: If a seam comes undone on a shoe or other minor repairs are needed, there's no need to send it across the country. The quickest, most convenient and most environmentally friendly way to repair such faults is to go to the local shoemaker around the corner. If this is due to material or processing defects for which we are responsible, we will be working towards a practical solution.

This is the procedure: 

Please use our online form (below on this page) you can upload a photo of the defect, your proof of purchase and an estimate from a local shoemaker (up to a maximum of 50% of the purchase value). We will check the damage, confirm that you can take the shoe to the shoemaker and then credit you the amount of the repair.

Even if there is damage to the shoe for which we are responsible that cannot be repaired, we will find a sustainable and amicable solution. Send us a photo of the shoe and the proof of purchase and we will offer you a credit note or partial credit note for the purchase amount - after an assessment by our customer service. A partial credit will void the warranty.

Please note that only shoes that have been purchased directly from our online store can be claimed directly from us. If you have bought a Joe Nimble shoe somewhere else, we ask you to handle it directly there.

Our Joe Nimble promise: No matter where the shoe pinches, we will find a solution!