Joe Nimble

Our Innovations

We never stop chasing what we believe in: a running-filled life! That's why we will never stop perfecting our product, educating runners about what the footwear industry has done to their feet, and advancing the science of running for the benefit of all.

ToePilot® Technology 

(patent pendings)

We developed this unique technology to relieve the metatarsophalangeal joint in the propulsive phase, prevent overloading and promote stability during the rolling- and push-off-phase over the big toe.

Innovation nmblFoam®

In manufacturing the nmblFoam® sole for the Ultreya® and Pilot 1, Joe Nimble became the first running shoe manufacturer in the world to bring a revolutionary process to production readiness: our resilient, high-energy return soles using the innovative Direct Injection process, eliminating unnecessary waste and reducing energy and water consumption during manufacturing."

ToeRite® toe-separator innovation

The principle works like a brace: Our ToeRite® innovation brings your big toe into an optimal, natural alignment and thereby slowly and gradually changes the structure of the foot.