The foot has evolved to support the body so that humans can stand and walk without pain. Conventional shoes cramp the toes and weaken the muscles in the foot. Other areas of the body compensate for this unstable basis which can lead to pain in joints such as the hip, knee and back. Good news: Toega (yoga for your toes) exercises can help to improve strength and position of the big toe - thus providing a stable basis.

28% COOLMAX® EcoMade 67% Nylon 5% Lycra®


The toes fitness band is developed for toe exercises (Toega) to improve the foot structure.

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If you have discomfort and pain in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe, you should always first consult a qualified therapist or doctor and discuss with him whether the product can have a suitable effect for you, especially if you have any complaints (such as pain, swelling, misalignment, numbness, tingling, symptoms of paralysis, etc.) The product description does not replace personal diagnostics and a training plan tailored to you or individual exercise recommendations. Our information only contains general information and may not be used for self-diagnosis. This product description does not represent therapy, but is intended to provide information! The product description contains a selection of the currently available level of knowledge and experience at the time of publication. The use of all exercises and recommendations from all product descriptions and videos is always at your own risk and responsibility, regardless of whether there is a corresponding medical diagnosis/recommendation or not.