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What is Joe Nimble functional footwear?  
Functional footwear is the next evolution in shoe design and manufacturing; a synthesis of traditional shoe-making wisdom and modern engineering technology. Just like traditional footwear before crazy fashion trends; functional footwear is designed on an uncompromisingly foot-shaped-asymmetrical last for optimum foot function but is constructed using modern materials and production techniques for maximum comfort and performance.
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Why do you need so much space in front of your toes?  
In the morning, your foot is up to four millimetres shorter than in the evening because the muscles get tired during the course of the day and your foot gets longer as a consequence. This has to be taken into consideration. It is also important that the foot can roll naturally without any hindrances. To do this, it needs sufficient width and length. If the shoe is too tight, you can jolt the bones and cartilage in your foot. The space is also important for good blood circulation in your foot and for having warm feet - without any pinching.
What widths do your lasts cater for?  
We do not usually need different widths because our shoes do not narrow towards the front but follow the natural, asymmetrical shape of the foot.
Are your women’s shoes narrower than those men’s?  
Yes, the width of Joe Nimble's ladies' shoes is different than those of the men. An exception are our unisex shoes. All Joe Nimble functional footwear follows the toefreedom® principle developed by Christian Baer almost 40 years ago.
How long do your soles last?  
That depends on the wearer, his/her weight, how he /she walks and how often he/she wears the shoes. Usually the soles last 2-3 years.
Why are your shoes so expensive?  
When you purchase our shoes, you get the best leather and highly innovative soles. The shoes are sewn by hand and are made to last a long time and provide you with the ultimate in comfort. And you should not compromise when it comes to your feet. You need them every day for an entire lifetime!
Are your shoes plant-tanned without resorting to the use of chemicals?  
No. Pure plant-tanning would limit the number of colours we could offer and plant-tanned leather is often too stiff and not suitable for our flexible lasting. The chemicals we do use to ensure a large range of colours and colour fastness are absolutely harmless.
Do the colours of your shoes rub off?  
Wearing dark shoes and white socks is always a bit of a risk. And a little colour could rub off on your skin too if you are wearing shoes made of dark leather. That is due to the fact that we use as few chemical products as possible and only the use of chemical agents prevents colour from rubbing off completely – and we want to resort to as few chemical agents as possible.
What is the Joe Nimble footbed system?  
Our footbed system allows the wearer to adjust the footwear's characteristics to suit their individual fitness, health and activity level. Here is a short explanation:
Footbeds designed specifically for sport:
  • Performance footbed (2mm): for performance sports, it was developed in collaboration with orthopaedists and engineers and adapts to the human anatomy.
  • Flexitec footbed (4mm) for uneven terrain, is the result of many years of research and development. We particularly recommend it for hiking and trail running, but it is also great if you work requires you to stand for long periods of time.
  • Endurance footbed (6mm): for long distance road running (e.g. regularly covering distances of 10k and above). It is innovatively designed to support & protect the foot during long periods of stress; the 3mm thick Poron® heel padding acts as a shock absorber to prevent common running injuries from over striding.
Everyday footbeds
  • Comfort footbed (4mm): for everyday use and suitable for sports as well, it is finished with a moisture wicking, antibacterial material to keep the shoes fresh.
  • Felt footbed (4mm) for the winter, it is covered with insulating felt to keep the feet warm in cold weather.
  • Business footbed: for a smart work shoe, it is cushioned for comfort (especially if you are standing for long periods) and covered in moisture-wicking calfskin leather for a smart finish.
  • Bioactive footbed (4mm): for everyday use, a good all rounder.
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Delivery time: When can I expect my shoes?  
The Joe Nimble® team processes all orders as quickly as possible.
Delivers with in Germany take 1-3 days.
International deliveries can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the specific country.
Delivery cost: Who is responsible for shipping and what does it cost?  
We make every effort to ensure your product arrives safely, intact and undamaged. Therefore we ship all orders via DHL.
Deliveries with in Germany cost 3.95€.
For international deliveries costs vary depending on the specific country of delivery.
Further information on shipping costs are listed here:
I would like to return an order. What do I have to do?  
We try to makes returns as easy as possible, simply fill out the return form attached to your order and post the product back to us. Returns within Germany are free of charge, but for international returns you will need to the shipping cost charged by your local postal service.
What forms of payment can I use?  
Within the scope of our desired-payment-guarantee, we provide you with following payment options: Credit Card
Simply write your credit card number, expiry date and security code in the fields provided. You can use Visa, Master Card and American Express.
PayPalAfter choosing this option, you will be redirected to the PayPal site and you can process your payment there. Afterwards, you will automatically return to the Joe Nimble® website.
Immediate transfer
You transfer the purchase price immediately. A high level of security is given through entering a TAN that can be used only once.
You can find all information regarding payment options in our general terms of business.
How can I cancel my purchase?  
You have the option of cancelling your order within the cancellation deadline. The process is described in our general terms of business. You can also find all information regarding our money back guarantee there.


How do I know if my repair is covered by the 3 year guarantee? 
We offer a 3 year -guarantee on all of our shoes. If quality defects emerge (with in 3 years of purchase) regardless of proper care, we are obligated to repair, replace or equally compensate you free of charge, as long as the product in question is sent back to us including its receipt. This excludes normal wear. In any case, you can count on BÄR at any time – before, during and after your purchase. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, your warranty claims are governed by the statutory provisions of the sale of goods and other applicable laws. For more information you can reach us at the email address or on the phone +49 (0)7142 95 66 10.
How do a get my shoes repaired?  
Even our functional footwear gets older. You can of course replace your shoes with a new pair, but you can also bring them to our shoemakers. If your functional footwear should require repair despite proper care, then you can contact our shoe repair service. This is how it works: Contact our team for questions about repairs and maintaining your Joe Nimble shoes. You can reach us at the email address or on the phone +49 (0)7142 95 66 10 .
For more information visit our Repair Services page
How much does the repair service cost?  
The cost varies depending on the type of repair. For your cost assurance, our shoemakers check the technical work involved and confirm back with you before every repair.
Why do repairs take such a long time?  
Because our shoes are made and repaired by specialists. We try to repair your shoes as quickly as possible and hope you will bear with us while we ensure you get the perfect repair.
What happens if I see some detachment of the sole from upper?  
All Joe Nimble shoes are hand lasted and each and every sole is placed, glued and pressed by hand, one shoe at a time. In rare cases, it is possible that a small detachment of the sole in critical parts (front, heel, etc.) can take place. Up to +/- 2mm is considered, by industry standards, as normal wear and tear. It will not go any further, there is no loss of function and therefore these cases are not considered as claims. In the unlikely event that the detachment progresses further, please contact us for our repair service. Continue to Guarantee
What advantages do registered customers have?  
You are informed about special offers, innovations and events. It helps us to establish a close customer/supplier relationship that we value and that is to your advantage. In the rare case that might you encounter any problems with your shoe, your personal purchase data (Guarantee) is safety stored and you do not need a receipt.
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Do you still have some questions? Then simply contact us!  
We hope that you feel absolutely free and relaxed in your Joe Nimble® functional footwear. If you have any questions or would like some advice, contact us by e-mail or directly by telephone. Our service team will help you further on the number +49 (0)7142 95 66 10. Or simply visit a Joe Nimble® store near you.