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Your way to toefreedom®

Joe Nimble® is on a mission to help the human race beNimble, that’s why our shoes are designed with uncompromising toefreedom®. We passionately believe that you won’t find a better fitting shoe for natural foot shape or function. One of the many examples to help demonstrate this claim: Joe Nimble® is the only retailer in the functional footwear market to sell shoes in half sizes. This is fundamentally important for natural foot function, but this is comprised by other shoe brands to make the manufacturing & stock handling simpler – well not on our watch!

If you’re new to Joe Nimble® Functional Footwear – you might be wondering what size you should buy. Well the good new is – you just need to order your regular shoe size.

What to expect: when you first try functional footwear you will experience more room for your toes. This is toefreedom®! You might not find this “normal” – but we promise you it is natural. Over time you will notice small changes in your feet, your toes will start to spread which means your foot returning to its natural shape & beginning to function as nature intended. Your joints will thank you for this!

But if you are still not sure about your shoe size, we’ve provided three steps to help you:

1.  Measure your feet

You only need a sheet of paper, a pencil and ruler or measuring tape. This is how it works: Stand on the paper with both feet while you are wearing socks. Simply trace around the outline of your feet with a pencil one after the other. Important: Always hold the pencil upright on the paper, not leaning to the inside or outside in order to get an accurate result. Now simply measure the length of your drawing. Measure from the longest toe to the end (at the center) of your heel. If your feet are different sizes, then the bigger one determines the shoe size. Compare the measured length with the table on the side.

Find my Size

2. Convert your shoe size

Our shoes are true to size, so simply order your normal shoe size. Use the table provided if you need to convert between UK, US & European shoe sizes. If you have an "in-between size" that is not found in the table, please select the next higher size. We make all our shoes in half sizes, so if you are a little bit unsure then we recommend measuring your feet (see step 1).

3. Speak to our team

Whether is be in store or over the phone, we would be pleased to help you find the right pair of Joe Nimble® functional footwear. And we're always available to answer any questions about the world of Toefreedom®. This is how to reach us: By email at By telephone on +49 (0)7142 95 66 10 Or use the store finder for a shoe fitting near you.

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