Some think it's unreasonable to wake up at 4am for the sake of a few extra miles.

Some think it's unreasonable to run through the dead of winter.

Some think it's unreasonable to trade the lunch break for a 5k.

It might not make sense to most, and it doesn't have to. Running is the only reason we have ever needed. We see "unreasonable" and we wear it like a badge of honor.

We're part of the tribe for whom running is not optional - it's part of life as essential as the oxygen we breathe. The reason to run isn't to reach a finish line, it never has been. The reason to run is running itself.

Runners will never lose their innate need to simply run, which is exactly what inspires Joe Nimble. We honor the incredible architecture Mother Nature has given us. We continue to build upon her work so you can push further than reason and keep pounding that early morning pavement for years come. Fueling a lifetime of momentum for those who have always put running before reason.