Joe Nimble


When the foot lies flat…

The skeleton is correctly aligned and the bodyweight is evenly distributed across the entire sole of the foot.  

Rescue your feet

The naughty little shoe industry is selling billions of shoes that do not fit the natural foot shape, which is shockingly bad for your body. Joe Nimble is rescuing feet with our totally unique shoes designed with a completely flat sole and uncompromising Toefreedom®.

With uncompromising toefreedom®

Your toes have sufficient room to spread, which means your big toe can perform its fundamental natural function - to anchor and stabilize the foot and thus the entire body.

Your feet can be fixed

Just as the roots of a tree adapt to the shape of a container, The shape of the foot adapts to the shoes you are wearing.

So don’t panic - the effects of a lifetime in restrictive shoes can be reversed!

Switching to Joe Nimble functional footwear allows the toes to spread, the foot muscles to strengthen and the important neuromuscular connection between the brain and the big toe to be reestablished. Don’t be normal, be natural. Benimble.

Shoes with toefreedom<sup>®</sup> from Joe Nimble

A tree is only as
strong as its roots

The Benefits of Joe Nimble


half sizes for
optimal fit


zero heel for
natural posture

premium materials

3 year guarantee

The history of Toefreedom®

Joe Nimble didn't invent toefreedom®, but since 1982 we are pioneers in crafting shoes with wide toe boxes. In cooperation with scientists and running experts we bring our Functional Footwear to perfection to promote healthy feet.


In this short video Sebastian Bär (head of Joe nimble and Joe’s best friend) demonstrates how toefreedom® – the defining feature of functional footwear – is completely ignored by the shoe industry.

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