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Shoe repair service

Take just 5 minutes to read about our extensive shoe repair service – or go straight to the key aspects which you might be interested in, such as shoe repair or resoling.

Shoe repair service: Sustainability matters!

Find out all about our traditional shoe repair service, the three-year quality guarantee on all styles, our sustainable commitment to multiple resoling, and other adjustments that can be made to save your favourite footwear from being thrown away. Functional footwear from Joe Nimble is carefully crafted by experts at our own shoemaking workshop. We have been following in the footsteps of a long shoemaking tradition since 1982.

Before they undertake any repairs, our experienced shoemakers check the amount of work involved and, if applicable, discuss with you whether any other adjustments are needed. We liaise with you again before we start work so that you know exactly how much it will cost. Once you have given us the go-ahead, we start work so that you will soon be able to slip back into your functional footwear.

NB: Your guarantee will be invalidated if you make repairs yourself or have work done by an external shoemaker. We will refund your postage costs if you have reason to make a complaint or the work is covered by your guarantee. Shipping charges apply to repairs.

Discover the possibilites of our professional shoe repair service at Joe Nimble.

Shoe repair service: Our guarantee, what to do, your options

Our shoe repair service promotes sustainability.

Three-year quality guarantee on workmanship and materials::

We are happy to share our confidence in our product quality with you by providing a three-year guarantee (instead of the statutory two years offered as standard). Our mission is to provide comfortable, long-lasting footwear which reliably accompanies you day in, day out.

However, even stringent wear tests, dedicated craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials cannot prevent defects from occurring occasionally. Our shoe repair service is here to help you. We automatically check whether you are entitled to make a claim under the guarantee. All repairs come with a one-year guarantee.

We will widen, stretch, lengthen and soften shoes to make them fit you perfectly.

What to do if you want to use our professional shoe repair service:

  1. Please contact, ideally sending us some pictures too, so that we can offer you an initial assessment and tailored advice.
  2. At the shoemaking workshop, we will automatically check whether you are entitled to make a claim under the guarantee.
  3. If more work is needed in addition to the repairs you have requested, we will give you a cost estimate first.
  4. We will discuss the repairs with you and, if necessary, find a solution that works for you.

Our shoe repair service includes:

  • Standard repairs (replacing the sole with an original Joe Nimble sole; renewing split seams; replacing shoelaces; lasting the shoe; refreshing and polishing the leather upper)
  • General overhaul of the upper, including stitching (completely renewing split seams on the uppers of both shoes; extending, shortening or replacing five or more straps; lasting and refreshing the shoe; polishing the leather upper)
  • Renewing the heel lining (replacing damaged or worn heel lining if the incorrect use of shoehorns, heels rubbing or moisture have led to damage which can make holes in socks, etc.)
  • Minor repairs (gluing; replacing eyelets; professionally widening and stretching shoes if they press on the heels or bunions)

Shoe resoling

More cost-effective and more sustainable than buying a new pair:

Worn-out soles or broken-off nodes don’t spell the end for our functional footwear. You can have your shoes resoled at our workshop instead of throwing them away. Our shoe repair service is kinder on your wallet and the environment!

Depending on the overall condition of the footwear, shoes can be resoled several times. We are the only people who can provide original Joe Nimble soles for high-quality results and the accustomed level of comfort.

The cost of shoe resoling:

Resoling shoes costs €85 – less than half the cost of buying a new pair. If your footwear is still in good condition, we recommend resoling. We will renew the footbeds for an additional charge. Click here for shoe care tips to make your footwear last longer and keep it looking good.

Shoe resoling costs: 65€


When is it no longer worth having shoes resoled or repaired?

When the inner of the shoe is completely worn out, the lining is in tatters and you can see the lattice structure of the sole underneath. The shoe is shabby, no longer provides stability, the bottom of the sole is worn and holey, the upper is torn and threadbare, and the shoe is in a sorry state.

Shoe resoling is less expensive and more sustainable than bying a new pair.

Shoe resoling snapshots from our workshop

Resole your shoes instead of throwing them away!


More sustainability by resoling your shoes.


Joe Nimble's professional shoe repair service since 1982


Shoe repair service at Joe Nimble, let us resole your original shoes.