Joe Nimble

Repair Service

Your funtional footwear by Joe Nimble® is produced with the highest-quality craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes is manufactured in-house by Joe Nimble. Our expert shoemakers take the time to produce all shoes with a great deal of care and the utmost attention to detail. If your funtional footwear should require repair despite proper care, then you can contact our shoe repair service.

Even our functional footwear gets older. You can of course replace your shoes with a new pair, but you can also bring them to our shoemakers. They know how to maintain the value of your favourite shoes for as long as possible. You can only get the original unique Joe Nimble® soles and upper material from our shoe experts, so please send them to us instead of using other repair companies.

Repair guarantee


Your Joe Nimble® functional footwear can normally be repaired. For your cost assurance, our shoemakers check the technical work involved and confirm back with you before every repair.

We are transparent in communicating what the options and limits are regarding the repair. We'll do our very best to quickly return your shoes so that you can slip back into your functional footwear. This is how it works: Contact our team for questions about repairs and maintaining your Joe Nimble shoes. You can reach us at the email address or on the phone +49 (0)7142 95 66 10 .

Please note: The legal right to cancel an order or return a product does not apply to especially amended made-to-order shoes.

Care tips


So that you can enjoy your functional footwear for as long as possible, we have put together the most important tips and tricks for wearing and care. You can also contact our team with any questions regarding care. You can reach us at the e-mail address or on the phone +49 (0)7142 95 66 10.

In order to keep the high quality leather soft, you should first clean your Joe Nimble® shoes thoroughly before you treat them with the right care products. Our mostly open pore leather can only absorb creams or sprays when it is free of dirt.