The simplest way to fix your foot-pain! This innovative Recovery Sandal helps foot recovery and minimizes foot soreness while fixing foot function.

Why the 'recoverToes' is good for you! 

Exercise such as running, hiking, an intense workout or just a long day on your feet, causes the muscles in your foot to fatigue, get sore and tighten up. The 'recoverToes' recovery sandal has been biomechanically engineered to provide relief from these symptoms and decrease the risk of exercise related pain and injury.By wearing the 'recoverToes' recovery sandal regularly (at home as a slipper, office, garden, gym, …) you can speed up foot recovery after running or after a long day on your feet and minimize foot soreness while fixing your foot function with every step you take in them. To be clear, however, these are not sandals that you are meant to wear while running. Rather, you should wear them only after a run.

Upper material: PU
Sole: PU with zero heel (ball and heel of the foot on one level); no toe spring
Insole: soft, contoured energy return foam footbed.
Weight: 173 g (size S), 178 g (size M)
Sole Type: 10 mm


Aktivity: Recovery
Area of use:
recreation, recovery, for home and on the Road
recoverToes is a problem solver for: Helps foot recovery and minimizes foot soreness while fixing foot function.

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