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Launching just now: RecoverToes

“When our feet hurt, we hurt all over.” (Socrates)

Dysfunctional feet are an unrecognised cause of exercise-related pain and injury (Vorobiev, 1999). Compromised foot structure leads to an unstable foot that, in turn, leads to compensatory activity of muscles to counteract the effects of an unstable base during weight-bearing activity.

Fatigued muscles, lacking energy to relax, develop chronic low-level tension and knots called ‘trigger points’ that impair blood flow, irritate nerves and produce pain during and after activity (Bron and Dommerholt, 2012). Pain can be near the trigger point or referred to areas far from the overworked muscle (Travell und Simons, 1993).

Trigger points in the lower and upper leg, hips and even the torso, head and neck are common consequences of compromised foot structure, as the body strives to create stability on an unstable base. Special exercises such as Toega or using wedges, as well as wearing Functional Footwear, can restore the structure of the foot and thus address the cause of the trigger point problem by increasing the stability of the feet, allowing for pain-free movement and achievement of training and health goals.



The simplest way to fix your foot-pain!

This innovative Recovery Sandal helps foot recovery and minimizes foot soreness while fixing foot function.
The 'recoverToes' recovery sandal has been biomechanically engineered to provide relief from these symptoms
and decrease the risk of exercise related pain and injury.

Do something good for yourself and your feet:
- ToeRite: helps with hallux valgus complaints
- nergy return foam: ptimal pressure distribution through soft footbed
- Improves blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings in the foot

The result: foot function is restored with every step!!


recoverToes: mit 24 Features!


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