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Joe Nimble participates as speaker at ISPO’s Runner’s World Symposium 2021

Joe Nimble participates as speaker at ISPO’s Runner’s World Symposium 2021

The RUNNER'S WORLD Running Symposium is the annual gathering of running industry insiders from industry, retail and media. Research results, surveys and studies concerning the running market are presented. The symposium also featured the latest figures on running behavior of runners. This year Joe Nimble was one of four presenting partners and participating in the panel talk and invite only workshop for industry professionals.

The ISPO Munich is the world's largest Multi-Segment Exhibition. During the ISPO the RUNNER’S WORLD Running Symposium is dedicated to the Running: Newest figures on Running trends from RUNNER’S WORLD Market-Research on 10.000+ runners.

"Among running shoe manufacturers, Joe Nimble is one of the youngest brands - and certainly one of the most creative and innovative ones." Urs Weber - Runner's World Editor-in-Chief

Joe Nimble Workshop: Discover freedom!
Brand founder and creative head Sebastian Bär presented the Joe Nimble brand philosophy at the running symposium; biomechanist and running coach Lee Saxby supplemented with scientific evidence on the importance of toefreedom® when running - and not only for comfort, but also for better performance and injury prevention. Overall focus topic was sustainability: Both in terms of running health as well as production facilities, transport routes and sustainability.

Sebastian explains why the future of pain–free running begins with ‘toefreedom’ and how his work with scientists, historians, coaches and runners, supports the potential to enable them to enjoy a more healthy, long term relationship with running.

 "That was very inspiring. At Joe Nimble, they think an act very  sustainable with really  deep thoughts, not just concerning the product, but to the whole philosophy and movement process for runners. "Urs Weber - Runner's World Editor-in-Chief

Watch the full workshop here:


The industry get-together was 100%  virtual this year

The world's largest trade fair for sporting goods was held as an online-only event due to the pandemic. Accordingly, the running symposium - traditionally held as part of ISPO - could also only take place virtually. That is your big advantage, as the symposium is an invite only event. The event is aimed towards the key-opinion leaders from the running industry: sports retailers, manufacturers and business drivers. 
Following the expert presentation, moderator Urs Weber, On-CEO Caspar Coppetti, Sebastian Bär (CEO Joe Nimble) and Andrej Zwer, Category Director at Adidas Terrex discussed the current trends in the Panel Talk on the Main Stage.

"When you follow Sebastian and Lee's presentation, you always think, WHY? It's so plausible and inevitably raises the question: WHY have we been squeezing ourselves into shoesthat are too-tight for centuries? The idea of toefreedom is so obvious that I inevitably ask myself: why doesn't everyone do it?" Martin Grüning - Runner's World Editor-in-Chief

About ISPO:
The ISPO Munich is the world's largest Multi-Segment Exhibition. The international industry gathering, connects all kinds of Sports Business Professionals. Visitors benefit from a complete overview of the market, suitable potential partners and valuable knowledge and can experience innovations and the trends of tomorrow up close.

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