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Finally here! Functional Footwear for kids: the playToes!

Let your child's feet benefit from the innovative Functional Footwear design concept and support the development of a strong foundation for healthy movement, for life!

We have developed the 'playToes' based on the biomechanical aspects central to children and combine our 40 years of know-how around toefreedom® with innovative, high-quality materials that allow your child to develop a healthy body and healthy feet, whether in sports or play! This creates a stable foundation for a lifetime!

98 percent of children are born with healthy feet. But in adulthood, two-thirds of people have foot problems. The cause? Wrong shoes in childhood!
But that's over now! In the new playToes, children's toes can splay naturally and thus better stabilize the entire body in its movement.

Our scientifically proven toe-free philosophy supports the natural development of YOUR CHILD'S FEET!


  • Concept developed by biomechanics and footwear experts
  • Less risk of injury due to optimal body stabilization
  • Maximum toefreedom®
  • Zero heel drop
  • Perfect cushioning on many surfaces
  • Secure hold in the shoe
  • Soft padding on ankle and Achilles tendon
  • Non-slip, non-marking, durable Michelin outsole
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Made in Germany


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