Joe Nimble
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The Transalpine Run covers 236 km of challenging terrain in 7 days.
Jens Kramer wins the 2021 Mixed Masters title with teammate Irene Senfter
Lord Jens Kramer was once told he’d never be able to run again. Now, he’s a champion of one of the world’s toughest endurance races.
The Marathon des Sables (MDS) is a challenging stage ultramarathon organized by Frenchman Patrick Bauer in the Moroccan Sahara since 1986. The 230-kilometer route is determined anew for each race. There are six stages in seven days: five stages between 20 and 40 kilometers and one stage of about 80 kilometers (2009: 91 kilometers) that runners must complete in one piece in just under two days (40 hours).