Joe Nimble
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Lord Jens Kramer was once told he’d never be able to run again. Now, he’s a champion of one of the world’s toughest endurance races.
The Transalpine Run covers 236 km of challenging terrain in 7 days.
Jens Kramer wins the 2021 Mixed Masters title with teammate Irene Senfter
The Marathon des Sables (MDS) is a challenging stage ultramarathon organized by Frenchman Patrick Bauer in the Moroccan Sahara since 1986. The 230-kilometer route is determined anew for each race. There are six stages in seven days: five stages between 20 and 40 kilometers and one stage of about 80 kilometers (2009: 91 kilometers) that runners must complete in one piece in just under two days (40 hours).
The Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) weighs up the advantages and risks of vaccines against each other. If it were to do the same for technical innovations in running shoes such as carbon plates, some models might not be on the shelves of specialist retailers.
Completing the best-selling wanderToes family, the launch of wanderToes 2.0 Lite is following the increased demand of vegan Lightweight hiking shoes.
Urs Weber - editor of Runner'sWorld came to visit us. He describes his impressions of development and production at Joe Nimble in detail in Germany's most popular running magazine. Read the whole home story now!
The RUNNER'S WORLD Running Symposium is the annual gathering of running industry insiders from industry, retail and media. Research results, surveys and studies concerning the running market are presented. The symposium also featured the latest figures on running behavior of runners.
There's nothing wrong with children wanting to follow in the footsteps of top international athletes like Robert Lewandowski or Jan Frodeno. They just shouldn't do it in their sports shoes.
Let your child's feet benefit from the innovative Functional Footwear design concept and support the development of a strong foundation for healthy movement, for life!
"You spontaneously feel comfortable in this shoe". The "Step-In Comfort" is so important in running shoe try-ons. The feeling of how the shoe feels at the first moment, was consistently described as very positive by the Runner's World test runners.

The running shoe industry is undergoing the biggest paradigm shift in history. In the past, biomechanical research into the causes and prevention of running injuries focused primarily on the movement of the rear foot during the ground contact phase of running.
Run Fearless' in Swabian: Innovation made by mid-sized companies in Germany. As a pioneer in the field of toefreedom® and functional footwear, the Swabian family business BÄR Schuhe has been researching for more than four decades how more space for the toes can increase stability while running.
The simplest way to fix your foot-pain! This innovative Recovery Sandal helps foot recovery and minimizes foot soreness while fixing foot function.

New in: wanderToes 2.0

Joe Nimble fans all over the world love the original version of the wanderToes. Now with the new 2.0 version we are launching a upgrade.

Coming soon: Kids Shoes!

Every fourth child wears the wrong shoes. Orthopedists warn of lifelong consequences.Let your child´s feet benefit from the innovative Functional Footwear design concept!