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Run your favorite route in style and comfort with the nimbleToes Jog 2.0. A combination... more

Run your favorite route in style and comfort with the nimbleToes Jog 2.0.
A combination of exceptionally lightweight materials chosen for their durability, and breathability and Joe Nimble’s unique ‘toe-freedom’ design makes the nimbleToes Jog 2.0  the perfect example of a minimal shoe providing maximum benefit.

The Recipe of Success:
The Toebox: An asymmetrical, flat and wide toe box is the hallmark of Joe Nimble Functional Footwear. We call this ‘toe freedom’ and it is potentially the most powerful benefit a running shoe can provide. Correctly aligned, fully functioning toes are essential to the stability of the foot and prevent many of the most commonly diagnosed problems such as ‘supination’ and ‘over-pronation’.
The Sole: 12mm high density EVA core + high quality rubber, designed with the ‘Goldilocks principle’ of sensory feedback in mind. Sensory feedback from the foot during running is important but too much input can be just as problematic as too little, causing changes in natural technique that can lead to injury. We have engineered the mid-sole of the nimbleToes Jog 2.0 to provide an amount of sensory feedback that is ‘just right’ for the average runner which in combination with a ‘zero drop’ promotes natural gait mechanics and minimises overstriding. The durable rubber outsole is will help you to keep control on different grounds.
The Upper: soft & breathable mesh
The Lining: Mesh & Cotton. Our unique attention to detail ensures the lining is wrinkle free and exceptionally kind to your feet.

The Weight: 490 Gram (Size 6,0)
The Removable footbed: Joe Nimble Jog Footbed (6mm) is innovatively designed with shock absorbing cushioning foam to protect the muscles and joints from the excessive loads encountered on artificial surfaces The Jog Footbed is covered with microfibre to keep the shoes fresh.

Lee Saxby & Sebastian Bär

Lee Saxby is one of the most recognised coaches for running technique on a global level. Best-selling author Christopher McDougall (“Born to run”) as well as the barefoot professor Daniel E. Liebermann (Harvard University) credit their ability to run injury free to Lee ́s coaching methods.

Sebastian Bär (Head of Joe Nimble, himself marathon- und ultramarathon runner) has successfully coached three elite athletes in the world's toughest ultramarathon (Badwater-Ultra), gaining valuable experience for this running shoe development.


Style: Lace-ups, Trainers
Activity: Casual Shoes, Running Shoes
Season: All seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Material: Vegan Shoes
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19 Sep 2019
Toller Schuh mit Abzügen

Ich habe mir den nimbleToes Jog 2.0 vor knapp über einem Monat gekauft, um ihn mal zu testen. Nach einem Monat is mein Resume geteilt. Erster Eindruck vom Schuh war von der Sohle und vom Design her positiv, es fiel aber auch direkt auf, dass in dem Schuh nicht so viel Platz ist wie in anderen nimble-Schuhen, was evtl. auch gerechtfertigt ist, da es ja ein Sportschuh ist, wo man mehr Halt drin braucht.
Am Anfang hatte ich beim Tragen aber ein sehr gutes Gefühl und für Barfuß-Schuh-Anfänger, die etwas mehr Sohle brauchen um sich daran zu gewöhnen war er sehr gut geeignet (dafür habe ich ihn genutzt. Bin damit nicht wirklich gejoggt).
Nach nunmehr 1 Monat muss ich mich dem Feedback, dass ich breits auf anderen Seiten gelesen hab aber leider anschließen: Der Stoff des Schuhs ist leider etwas zu seitlich auf der Sohle befestigt, sodass man immer mehr dazu neigt nach innen zu knicken.
Fazit: Toller Schuh am Anfang. Nach 1 Monat eher weniger begeistert.

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