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Comfortable sneakers for men with plenty of room for your toes

Promote natural posture and painless movement:

The wide toe box plays a crucial role in making our men’s sneakers so comfortable. We call this feature toefreedom® and have been using it as the fundamental natural principle behind our shoemaking since our company was established in 1982. Your toes need to have space and be able to move so that they can fulfil their anchoring and stabilising function without limitations. Our comfortable sneakers for men do not restrict them, which prevents misalignments and pain.

The front of the shoe is not the only part that matters though: flat men’s sneakers from Joe Nimble have zero drop. When the ball of the foot and the heel are level with one another, just like when you stand barefoot on flat ground, the pressure on your spine, joints, muscles and bones is relieved. Without a raised heel, no compensatory movements are needed. Wearing flat men’s sneakers enables you to ground your feet again and move nimbly.

Comfy men's sneakers from our new spring / summer collection:

Comfy men's sneakers with a wide toe box for painless movement. Sneakers for men from Joe Nimble promote your health.

Cool Sneakers for Men to suit your Lifestyle

Modern men's sneakers with lightweight material and high comfort. Discover stylish men's sneakers at Joe Nimble!

Discover lightweight, cool men’s sneakers for optimum comfort:

With a range spanning everything from understated elegance and casual sportiness to statement pieces, we have trendy men’s sneakers for special events, leisure activities and everyday wear. Whichever material you choose, you will hardly notice that you are wearing shoes. All of the styles are lightweight, making them an ultra-comfortable addition to any outfit. Experience maximum quality paired with minimum weight!

Finding comfortable men’s sneakers in the right size:

To enjoy the health benefits of well-fitting, trendy men’s sneakers, take five minutes to find the right shoe size here. It is worth erring on the side of caution when you make the switch from conventional shoes which narrow at the front. We also sell comfortable men’s sneakers in half-sizes.

Our materials at a glance

Buy men's sneakers: 3-year quality guarantie on materials and craftsmanship

Benefit from our experience:

Since 1982, we have been working closely with running experts and medical professionals to tailor comfortable men’s sneakers and many other styles perfectly to the natural anatomy. The combination of German engineering, a long tradition of shoemaking, extensive materials testing and premium materials results in very special, durable footwear.

We want you to master every challenge with ease and enjoy your trendy men’s sneakers. That is why Joe Nimble will automatically give you a three-year quality guarantee on materials and workmanship, regardless of whether you buy your men’s sneakers online or choose a pair in one of our stores. Our team will happily advise you.

Payment information for customers who purchase men’s sneakers online:

New customers can use PayPal or a credit card to pay for their first order securely. Returning customers can also choose to buy men’s sneakers on account.

Caring for cool men’s sneakers and having them repaired:

Even our trendy men’s sneakers are bound to get dirty sometimes. Click here to find the right shoe care to keep them looking good and protect the material. You can also have your shoes resoled and repaired.

Stylish men's sneakers with 3 year quality guarantee! Find all our comfortable sneakers for men!