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Men's Merino Shoes are warm and easy-care

Shoes made of merino wool with toefreedom® and a laid-back look

Joe Nimble®’s merino wool shoes for men are comfortable and eye-catching! Featuring toefreedom® and zero heel, the styles are incredibly comfy. Our merino sneakers are designed to look good and also promote a natural posture and foot function. Their exceptional comfort is enhanced by the lightweight material, making our wool shoes for men suitable for both leisure activities and day-to-day wear.

Our men’s merino shoes in anthracite, pale grey and black will look the part whatever your style with their unique, natural design. Whether you’re wearing a casual checked shirt, an eye-popping T-shirt or dark jeans, the wool sneakers are ideal for adding a striking contrasting colour or subtly finishing off an understated outfit. Would you like to add an extra splash of colour? If so, take a look at our comfortable toe socks.

Care instructions for men’s wool shoes:

Don’t worry: our sneakers made of wool are very easy-care. :)

  • Hand-wash the wool sneakers with warm water and soap.
  • Remove dirt using a cloth or a soft horsehair brush.
  • Allow the merino shoes to dry gradually and do not place them on a radiator.
  • Please note that these styles are not machine-washable.
  • You can remove heavy dirt from the tough soles using a hard brush.
  • We recommend treating them with an impregnation spray for breathable materials when they are new and after you wash them.
Merino Sneakers at Joe Nimble® keep you warm and comfy in all seasons.

Men's Wool Shoes in the right season and size

Merino sneakers are high quality sneakers made of wool.

Merino sneakers are ideal for spring, autumn and winter:

Sneakers made of wool from the New Zealand merino sheep are very soft and resistant to scratches. They also have a number of other advantages. The high-quality natural wool keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

The sneakers even provide a degree of protection from rain and snow. Please make sure you treat the wool sneakers for men using an impregnation spray before you wear them for the first time and after you wash them to further improve their water-repellent finish and breathability.

Our light yet warm and toasty merino sneakers are comfortable, stylish companions during chilly spring days, wet autumn weather and the bitter cold of winter.

Their ability to keep you cool in warmer weather also makes men’s wool shoes a great choice for walks on mild summer’s evenings. If you’re looking for men’s summer shoes for leisure wear and sport, you will find them here.

Which size wool sneakers should you buy?

To enjoy unlimited toefreedom® in a pair of shoes which fit perfectly, select the same size you usually buy from Joe Nimble®.

If you have only just discovered us, you might find this page helpful. It will tell you how to find the right shoe size for you in just 5 minutes.