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Find the right shoe size

1. Find the correct shoe size using a template

Download the template & compare shoe size

Please select your usual shoe size here and click "print". The corresponding template will open and you can download or print it directly.

Print (PDF)


To ensure that all dimensions are correct, set the value for "scale" to 100% in the print settings and select "print without margins". After printing, please check whether the measuring line is exactly 1 inch or 2 cm (see point 1 on the template).

For the unrestricted toefreedom® and the natural movement sequence space for movement while walking is important, which we have marked yellow in the template.

Please note:

  • The shoe is wider than the template. It is important that the length is correct. If not, take a half size lower or higher.
  • For safety's sake, measure both feet as they can be of different length.


Our service for you:

  • We have half sizes for an even more comfortable walking and running experience.
Find the right shoe size at Joe Nimble®.

2. How to measure the feet and determine the shoe size

Correctly measure your feet in just 5 minutes, here's how:

  1. Take a sheet of paper, put it against a wall and stand on it.
  2. At the tip of your longest toe, draw a straight line in parallel to the wall. Hold the pen vertically so that the length is not too short / generous.
  3. Measure the distance from the wall to the drawn line.
  4. Select the length in the size finder and print out the template (as above).
measure your feet to find the right shoe size
Print (PDF)


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Fun facts about foot shape:

  • Egyptian foot shape: the big toe is the longest (common)
  • Greek foot shape: the second toe is the longest (common)
  • Roman / square shape: the first three toes are about the same length (rare)
  • Celtic foot shape: the second is the longest toe, the big + middle toe as well as the two small toes are of equal length (Northern Europe)
  • Germanic foot shape: the big toe is the longest, the rest are of the same length (extremely rare)

3. Shoe Size Chart

Shoe Size Chart for finding your correct shoe size