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Sandra’s Story

My name is Sandra Lindström (born Lindström) and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. Training, health and well-being play a central role in my life. I work at a new gym outside Gothenburg named Improve as a group training coordinator, PT and instructor.


Sandra Sällström sky diving


I started to get interested in exercise when I went to my first aerobics class with my mum as a 13 year old. Right away I was amazed how time flew by when you’re doing something fun and how good it felt in my body during and after working out and I remember saying to myself that one day I should be standing there in the front, as an instructor, teaching others in the same inspiring way.

Three years later at the age of 16 I held my own aerobics class at the same local gym and since that day I have worked as a group training instructor in many different gyms, teaching many different types of movement.

Today, my own training is a mix of group training, gym training, Thai Boxing and running. My goal with my training is to always have fun, If you don’t love what you do then don’t do it. Or learn how to love it, because life is just too short… But I also love to challenge myself, by doing things I don’t think I can; I skydive even though I’m terribly afraid of heights, I scuba dive even though I have a fear of deep water and I sign up for Thai Boxing fights even though I know I can get hurt. From my experience, we improve from facing our fears and the tougher the challenge the bigger the rush afterwards!

Sandra Sällström is a coach at Improve

In fact, when I was offered the opportunity to help set up the new gym in Gothenburg one of the first things I proposed was that the gym should be called; ‘IMPROVE’. Improve means to ‘make or become better’ which I think reflects perfectly the main motivation behind joining a gym and definitely summarizes my approach to health and fitness, for myself and my clients.

The next challenge for me is to run a marathon. I know that it’s going to be really tough and I will need to prepare myself mentally and physically and part of that journey will be to improve and maintain my foot function. I have always enjoyed the feeling and benefit of being barefoot when training for Thai Boxing and I have observed from teaching exercise classes to older people that foot function is the foundation of balance and stability. Which is why I will be training for the marathon in my comfortable running shoes for women from Joe Nimble® and why I was very excited to be part of the first shoe commercial to demonstrate the importance of foot function and athletic movement.

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