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Hi, I’m Russ Harris, I work at Six3nine Personal Training Practice, London. As well as training clients I’m also the Head of Education at Six3nine and so am responsible for encouraging that we have a strong educational ethos and all of our trainers are capable and knowledgeable to give our clients the best possible service. Through our workshops and our personal trainer Academy we teach 100’s of people every year about ways to move better, train more effectively and improve how they train others. It’s very important for us to understand and be able to help others understand how their bodies work in order to improve results and the enjoyment of exercising and being physically active.

A huge part of personal training is about educating clients so that they have the tools to; look after their own bodies first and foremost and also to be able to change them to become fitter, stronger, leaner and more capable. The huge variation in clients backgrounds, abilities, likes/ dislikes and current physical condition means that the number of ways in which we’re challenged to help people live healthier lives are innumerable. We need to be mentally agile in order to select the right strategy to create a path for clients to improve their health and reach their goals.

As a result of this variation, having a robust and well functioning body can often be part of a larger more holistic plan that takes into account the impact of lifestyle, movement capability, nutrition, experience, preference and logistics. Given how each one of these factors can influence another and the likelihood of someone achieving their goals, it’s vital that we as trainers understand how the foot functions in relation to the rest of the body, movement and thus confidence, ability and eventually preference of each client. It is unfortunately the most commonly neglected body part by clients and trainers alike, which is at odds with it’s importance within the body.

Recommending Joe Nimble® functional footwear to clients is our way of educating them about the impact that footwear can have on their bodies and training capabilities, not just in the gym but when they’re going about their daily lives. Having an impact on clients outside of their personal training sessions that can contribute to their ultimate success is an easy win for us as trainers and adds a great deal of value perceived by the clients from the service we offer.

The shoes themselves allow for free movement of the toes improving the capability of the foot itself, this change in mechanics is perceived by clients and thus education is achieved through this ‘new’ experience. The alteration of the functioning capability of the feet also has effects higher up the chain which can be felt as greater mobility through the ankles and thus it can be easier to squat without restriction. This lack of restriction gives access for clients to increased proprioceptive feedback and allows for easier activation of key muscle groups involved due to the increased range of movement. Reconnecting clients with these movement skills allows us as trainers to ‘demonstrate, not just assert’ what is happening inside their bodies. The list of benefits goes on and will be individual to each person but the functional footwear is a massive step in the right direction for fitness and health.

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