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I am Rannoch Donald and my passion / vocation is Every Day Activity which I promote through the 100 Rep Challenge, a simple prescription to develop helpful movement habits. I encourage people to make movement part of their daily lives.

My own background is in martial arts, combat sports and strength & conditioning. That background informs how I encourage others to train, through consistent practice, steady progress and occasional performance.

‘Being Nimble’ is important to me (and my clients) because all movement starts from the ground up. Anything else is simply “air guitar”, from a distance it may look like integrated, natural movement but up close we see it’s nothing more than imitation.

Focusing on the absolute fundamentals, from the ground up, we create a foundation that informs every physical activity we do.

It’s easy to assume that walking and running are innate attributes but, for many of us who live in increasingly sedentary world, we have literally lost touch with the simple skill of placing one foot in front of the other. By reconnecting with our feet we begin to reconnect with our bodies and the world around us.

I use bodyweight / calisthenics training as the default for building a basic foundation of strength but before anyone performs a single squat or push up we work on standing, walking and running. Only those who learn to do simple movement effortlessly can learn to perform complex movement with ease.

I believe that natural foot function Is the foundation of skillful / healthy movement, whatever the activity, the bedrock is the foot.

Rannoch Donald in nimbleToes

All athletic ability starts with our direct contact with the earth. Walking, running, jumping, throwing a punch, catching a ball, every conceivable action requires our ability to use that base and, from there, create movement. By focusing on a basic practice that starts with standing and walking we can develop movement skills that impact every aspect of our wellbeing. These activities create a circle of benefit that extends far beyond the actions themselves. It’s no surprise that “taking that first step” is more than a metaphor. I have been fortunate enough to see people’s lives change positively and irrevocably by simply engaging in our most primal physical actions.

Rannoch Donald practicing martial arts

Developing natural foot function begins with correct footwear choices which is why I recommend Joe Nimble®. The workshops and retreats we deliver begin with asking people to kick off their shoes and experience movement from the soles of their feet. It’s impractical to expect people to go barefoot outdoors but that does not mean we have to encase ourselves in overengineered shoes that remove the very experience we are trying to encourage. By offering footwear that is ‘fit for purpose’ and practical for everyday use we ensure that skilful movement becomes part of our Every Day Activity.

Rannoch Donald exercising outdoors

Find a functional base in everyday life, at work and when exercising:

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