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Piers’ Story

My name is Piers de Gruchy, and my passion is running. When not running I can be found working for PwC (one of the Big 4 consulting and accounting firms) as a Chartered Accountant, and occasionally playing golf; the sport of my youth which I played all the way through college here in the USA whilst on scholarship.

I was an injury-ridden golfer and unfortunately continued to suffer from a myriad of problems that almost lead me to quitting running as well, even after trying barefoot running (I have run a marathon barefoot) and minimalist shoes (which I wore for multiple ultra marathons). This was until I switched to Joe Nimble® Functional Footwear.

I believe that natural foot function is the foundation of skilful movement, and it’s only since helping my feet with quality shoes that I’ve been able to run without pain consistently for 50+ miles a week. It’s not all about training and running marathons though. You need to “be nimble” as a lifestyle choice otherwise it's easy to reverse the effects of fitness training through unhealthy work habits.

The key ingredients to restoring foot function are consistent daily exposure to gravity by being on your feet, and movement. This can be challenging in an office environment where sitting is the norm, however, there are still options. Standing desks are a great way to get on your feet allowing gravity to strengthen them, promote healthy posture, and help prevent back pain.

At work I am one of the “Be Well – Work Well” leaders in our San Jose, CA office. We look to incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyle and recently started a series of week-long step challenges. It was great to compete against others across the office to see who was spending the most time on their feet and moving. Fortunately, in Silicon Valley people are forward-thinking, and PwC have treadmill desks in the office for those looking to max-out their step count!

Pierre de Gruchy wearing comfy shoes at work

A common problem is that work shoes are often very narrow and uncomfortable, so it’s a real lifesaver that Joe Nimble® make a selection of “office approved” models. Wearing them means I can get the full benefit of functional shoes, even in the office. The asymmetrical design that allows for toefreedom® makes them by far the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. I won’t wear anything else!

Pierre de Gruchy with Functional Footwear in his office

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