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PaulssonPaleo’s Story

We are PaulssonPaleo and our passion is to live a healthy, clean and sustainable lifestyle. PaulssonPaleo was founded by Catharina, Simon and Cecilia when, in 2015, we left our hectic careers in London for a simpler life on a farm in the beautiful, natural surroundings of Simlångsdalen, Sweden. We grow our own produce, rear and care for our animals, run a B&B and spread knowledge about a healthier lifestyle through our cooking courses, nutritional advice, yoga and running.

We swapped our inert desk jobs for a more active lifestyle that requires us to “be nimble” everyday in so many different and challenging ways. We are on our feet all the time and rely on them to keep our farm running, from taking feed to our animals, digging vegetable beds, to carrying rocks and firewood.

A STRONG and HEALTHY foot is paramount! In the summer months we walk barefoot as much as possible, but when the cold Swedish winter comes we rely on comfortable, functional footwear that allows us to feel the ground and give us the confidence to move and balance with ease.

I am Catharina and I have many roles: farmer, accountant, mother of two children and the resident yoga teacher at our studio on the farm. Yoga provides me with a much-needed physical and mental balance to my sometimes heavy and repetitive duties with our animals and vegetable garden. Healthy, fully functioning feet are essential in my yoga practice.

Stable yoga positions can only be achieved from the ground up, through strong feet. Being able to spread my toes and feel the ground beneath my feet also allows me find a deeper connection with nature. Comfortable workout and running shoes for women from Joe Nimble® provide this for me and I happily recommend them to anyone who will listen.

Catharina of PaulssonPaleo at yoga practice

I am Simon and for many years I ran middle distance races competitively at a high level on both track and trail for club and country. Running has been, still and will always is a big part of my life as it offers a sense of freedom, solitude and time to think, with the added bonus of keeping you extremely fit. Despite the full-time commitments to the farm and family, I am running more often and longer distances than ever before and enjoying every minute. Here you find out more about my passion for running on Instagram and Strava.

A significant milestone in my running journey was certifying as a running coach with BTR Sweden and Lee Saxby; the knowledge I gained regarding running technique, foot function and footwear took my passion for running to another level and as our resident running coach, nothing is more enjoyable for me than teaching visitors how to move with efficiency and agility whilst exploring the incredible, undulating and unpredictable trails that surround our farm.

As a trail runner and a coach the subject of appropriate footwear is never far from my mind. Comfortable men's running shoes from Joe Nimble® with their asymmetric, foot-shaped design and the wide toe box that allows my toes to function naturally, just give me the confidence to move around. We have all come to appreciate these attributes while working on the farm and moving around in nature. This is why we highly recommend Joe Nimble® shoes to our visitors and clients.

Simon of PaulssonPaleo trail running in nimbleToes

If you would like to experience a more ‘natural and nimble’ lifestyle please check out our website or stay in touch with us on Instagram or Facebook for more information about our lifestyle, B&B and our range of courses and retreats.

Are you curious about our nimbleToes*?

nimbleToes for Her
nimbleToes for Him

*Unfortunately the red nimbleToes are no longer available, because this model was a limited version. Nevertheless, the shoe is available in other cool colors.

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