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ParkourONE’s story

We are Martin Gessinger and Ben Scheffler of ParkourONE in Berlin. Our personal mission as well as the mission of ParkourONE is to increase the health and quality of life of people through Parkour. The foundation of our parkour and our community is TRuST.

TRuST stands for ‘TRaining and STandards’ and is the pedagogical system developed by the ParkourONE Academy since 2006.

The practical part of Parkour is about overcoming obstacles. Obstacles that are physically as well as psychologically present. It’s about being solution-oriented. “Being nimble” is an important foundation of our training. It’s about optimally training your body in order to be able to react quickly in, for example, an emergency situation. But it’s also about the creative handling of the environment (urban or natural) and the ability to find new training opportunities and to set new challenges over and over again. Parkour is a tool and not an end in itself. The learning process of our students is more important to us than the result in the form of purely physical performance.

Here you can see Martin Gessinger of ParkourONE climbing in Joe Nimble® Functional Footwear.

Martin Gessinger of ParkourONE climbing in nimbleToes

Health promotion is one of the foundations of our philosophy and also the basis of our personal training. Only with healthy and functional feet can we train and develop on a very high level of precision. We have to rely on our feet and our footwear at all times. Therefore, it is important that our shoes allow us to feel and interpret the ground (proprioception). Barefoot training is an equally important part of our training, as it sensitizes for the occurring loads and optimally prepares the body for landings from higher altitudes.

Ben Scheffler of ParkourONE wearing nimbleToes for climbing

We’ve been working with Joe Nimble® for more than 6 years now and have even participated in developing the “actionToes“, a training shoe that lives up to our high standards in footwear. We always recommend the shoes of Joe Nimble® to our students because the uncompromising toefreedom®, the zero heel and the very thin sole are all arguments that make a better, more intense and, above all, healthier parkour experience possible.

Inspired by ParkONE’s story? Get your hands on your own pair of nimbleToes:

nimbleToes for Women
nimbleToes for Men

* Unfortunately the red nimbleToes is no longer available, because it is a limited version. Nevertheless the shoe is available in many other colors.

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