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Nala’s Story

My name is Nala and I am head coach at Wildfitness. Coming from a background in movement arts, I’ve always had a fascination with the innate adaptability of the human body and how it responds to different movements and sports.

I studied Physical Theatre throughout college and university, swiftly moving into the world of fitness becoming a Personal Trainer at the age of 24. The body knows no bounds, yet when I experienced my first gym setting, I saw bodies bound by machines, restricted by footwear and deafened by music. Faces lacked enthusiasm and bodies lacked presence. I knew there was more to health than this, so I set off on a journey that took me to Asia, Australasia and Canada. I learned there is an integrative world of fitness and movement that didn’t present itself in a gym. It was outside, learning from the biggest teacher we know; nature.

This insight led me to finding Wildfitness in 2013, a retreat focused company that specializes in rewilding the de-sensitized human back to a place of health and exuberance. Since joining Wildfitness I have continued to explore what makes us ‘human’ and during this quest I came across the world of ‘barefoot’ and ‘natural running’ and a name well known within the world of Wildfitness: Lee Saxby.

Nala Hurst rock climbing

Lee gave me the skills I needed to master the art of fluid, pain-free running and taught me that ‘rewilding’ humans begins with ‘rewilding’ their feet! When I learnt to harness the spring-like potential of the human foot and ankle (the hallmark of a skilled runner) instead of my usual muscle-powered technique that exhausted me, I began to feel a shift in not only my endurance, but my attitude to running. For the first time I’d started to enjoy the process of running, excitement ensued at the thought of where my next run would take me. My adventures would often lead me down mountain paths and forest trails, vaulting, climbing and jumping over obstacles.

When Lee introduced me to nimbleToes, I was skeptical of another minimal shoe claiming to revolutionise natural movement and running. But, I stand corrected. The difference I feel is unbelievable.

Nala Hurst beim trail running

One of Lee’s favourite sayings is, ’be barefoot when appropriate but wear a shoe when appropriate’ .The Nimbletoes has been designed to be worn when being barefoot is no longer appropriate. It provides the extra protection and traction the foot needs whilst maintaining natural foot function due to it’s unique foot-shaped design. The game-changer for me was the practicality of the shoe. One shoe and different insoles for different environments. The Flexitec® footbed saved my feet from the savage rocks as I ran in the beautiful Cretan mountains and ‘comfort’ insole gave me the softness I craved after a 17 km hike in the mid-day heat.

A versatile shoe, for a versatile world. I recommend nimbleToes to all wildfitness clients interested in rewilding their feet and regaining their natural foot health and function.Take a look for yourself:


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