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Jonas’ Story

My name is Jonas Drott and I am truly passionate about primal living, optimal health, wellbeing, and the outdoors.

I am a certified Primal Health Coach and a Born To Run running technique coach. I am the owner and head-coach of CrossFit Njord in Sweden along with my wife, and I also run the adventure company Nordic Overland Adventure & Arts. Nordic Overland specialises in sustainable overland expeditions, wilderness and survival training as well as photography and film production.

My goals are to educate, inspire and help people to enjoy adventuring and the outdoors without compromising healthy eating and living patterns.

One of my core beliefs is that natural foot function is the foundation of skillful and healthy movement. No matter if you’re a runner, a powerlifter, gymnast or a CrossFitter, or just a “regular” person interested in movement and training, your feet are the only body parts connecting the rest of your body with the ground.

Unfortunately, most of the outdoor and adventure sports scene do not share my beliefs concerning feet and footwear. The old “truths” still dominate i.e. that the human foot is vulnerable and weak and requires a stiff soled and built-up boot to protect it from the elements and unpredictable terrain.

An important aspect of my education is to make people aware of new “truths” regarding feet and footwear i.e. that walking boots should provide just enough protection for the terrain and climate you are moving through, without impairing foot function. Which is why I’ve been wearing Joe Nimble® briskToes a lot lately that I believe are the ideal hiking partner. I really enjoy how light they are, while the material protects my feet from the elements.

Jonas Drott in hiking shoes from Joe Nimble®

Even on a 4-5 hour long mountain hike in very wet, snowy and muddy conditions they kept my feet dry just until the end of the hike. The benefit of a full leather boot such as the briskToes is that any moisture created inside the boot is able to dissipate quickly and when coupled with two layers of woolen socks your feet will remain warm and dry even in sub-zero temperatures.

Joe Nimble® Functional Footwear puts my mind at ease from knowing that the shoes I’m wearing will not prevent my feet from functioning as they were designed to do through millions of years of human evolution!

Jonas Drott in briskToes

Learn more about Jonas and read his book Paleo Adventure – Travellers guide to eating healthy and maintaining a primal lifestyle on the road.

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