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Eva’s Story

Hello, my name is Eva Roupcová. I am a physiotherapist and I specialize in sports physiotherapy in the Czech Republic. Movement fascinates me, I am such an observer and fanatic, I could watch sport all day and not get bored. My passion for human movement was kindled during my childhood as I was introduced to sport at a young age, for example my dad taught us as kids how to ski cross-country and downhill, I learnt to dive at 14 years old and passed my sailing captain’s exams at the age of 18. I have tried many sports: swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, fitness and athletics. I have always been a sportswoman and today I consider it a great asset to my profession.

When I was in high school thinking about what my profession should be, I knew it would have to be something connected to sport so I enrolled for a degree in Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy and during my second year when covering the subjects of Exercise Physiology and Pathophysiology I knew I had discovered my vocation.

After graduating from University, I was sent for clinical experience at the hospital where I was born. (Chance? Definitely not, just another sign that I’m going in the right direction in my life.) After six months my colleagues approached me to ask if I would help develop a Sports Physiotherapy program; it was a preventive physiotherapy program for sports youth with elements of developmental kinesiology. I did not hesitate for a moment!

This individual approach to clients, focusing on diagnostics, therapy, and prevention of pain or trauma is the foundation of my approach to physiotherapy. I also deal with acute treatment of functional disorders of the locomotory system, but I prefer to teach people how to change their perception and prevent pain. I am the happiest when clients are independent and basically do not need me.

Eva Roupcová läuft in nimbleToes

In 2011 I became independent, found and reconstructed the premises for my own practice and created the Sport Physiotherapy Brno. After 5 years, I took the opportunity to set up another premises directly on the sports ground in the newly-built badminton hall. Currently, I have four physiotherapists in my team and soon the team will be expanding to include a Rolfer (fascia specialist).

My way to run

Occasionally, I would want to run all the time, but the distance was only about 5-7 km, I always put it down to the fact that I was initially trained as a sprinter and that I was not ‘built’ for longer runs. In 2013, I tried running in ‘barefoot shoes’ and I was convinced that my technique was right, as a physiotherapist I must know!

Then I attended a Lee Saxby running technique course in Prague…

I admit that I was skeptical at first (I had to verify the theory by putting it into practice myself). The meeting with Lee shifted my interest in running to a completely different level. Finally, I learnt how to run correctly – the natural technique of running and how to select shoes to support the function of the foot during running. One of the shocking piece of news for me was the information about the importance of the ’great toe’.

Suddenly, I saw the opportunity to become an endurance runner, in my case it was necessary to adopt a more relaxed, ‘flat-footed’ running style.. I was a typical example of a trained sprinter, I ran only on my ‘tiptoes’. Thanks to the strength and elasticity I had developed over the years I never had any injuries or overloads, I just never had the endurance to go beyond the 7 km limit.

Today I run 50-70km per week, my maximum distance is 25km and my training goal is the half marathon distance. I have completed two and I’m training for a third. If you had told me two years ago that I would be running half-marathons I would not have believed it. Thanks to intelligent, systematic training, I really enjoy running. It’s more than physical training, it’s a lifestyle.

Eva Roupcová sailing

My feet are much stronger now, their improved natural function not only allows me to be physically more ‘nimble’ but also more ‘nimble’ in life. There has been only one problem; finding footwear that fits my foot and allows it to function naturally. For a long time, I ran only in Luna Sandals because no ‘barefoot shoes ‘were wide enough for my ‘foot-shaped’ feet but finally I have found the ‘nimbletoes’; a shoe that suits the parameters of my feet, and respects the natural position of the ’great toe’. I think the insole-system is ingenious! I can change the inserts for various surfaces but require only one shoe; in this respect it really is the ultimate ‘nimble’.

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