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Dorothee´s story

Hello everybody, my name is Dorothee Appel.

I am a graduate in business administration, trained psychological advisor(VfP), founder of Weiblichstark ("female strong") (Homepage / Instagram) and creator of the paleo recipes blog paleo4me.

My passion is natural movement, nutrition and relaxation. I teach natural and functional movement to top athletes and normal people alike. In a modern, western world that is suffering from an epidemic of the ‘diseases of civilisation’ I believe that movement is the one true ‘medicine’ and that a fully functioning foot is the foundation of healthy movement.

Incorrect footwear choices can have devastating effects on our biomechanics and I am not just referring to high-heels and flip-flops as the majority of sports shoes are also compromised in their design. The modern sports shoe is typically narrow and symmetrical in shape and rigid and cushioned in construction. These design flaws force the feet to become ‘shoe-shaped’ and weak and the sensory feedback from the foot to the brain becomes reduced and inadequate for the production of skillful movement.

Because of these facts I’ve been wearing ‘barefoot shoes’ for years and have acquired many different models from various brands but when I discovered Joe Nimble® and their ‘functional footwear’ I became very excited!

Personal Coach Dorothee Appel in nimbleToes

The shoe has everything I would expect from a ‘barefoot shoe’ and more (which is why it is called ‘functional footwear’) the design of the toe box is unique in the sports shoe world offering what they call ’uncompromising toefreedom®’ :). The function of the toes is often ignored by trainers and coaches but their ability to spread and interact with the ground is vitally important for stability during standing and locomotion, the good news is that gravity and functional footwear is often all that is required to bring the toes back to life!

Dorothee Appel exercises in nimbleToes

Are you inspired by Doro's story and would you like to try our nimbleToes?

nimbleToes for Her
nimbleToes for Him

* Unfortunately the red nimbleToes is no longer available, because it is a limited version. Nevertheless the shoe is available in other cool colors.

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