Joe Nimble

Sebastian Bär

Sebastian Bär - CEO Joe Nimble

Shoe pioneer and inventor of the Functional Footwear design concept

Sebastian´s family has been making shoes with toefreedom® for almost four decades. His experience of helping people all around the world to improve their foot function through the benefits of toefreedom® and his passion for running has led him to create the Functional Footwear design concept.

Sebastian's dad had come to the realization in the early 1980s already, that shoes should follow the natural shape of the foot, with the widest part being across the toes, so that they can anchor and stabilize the foot:

Compromised toes
Toefreedom® since 1982
Sebastian Bär - High School

At the beginning of the 90s, Sebastian was a passionate cross-country runner in high school and was state-runner-up in his competitive environment. That was astonishing for both his team-mates and for the runners of the other high schools, because Sebastian's shoes were so different: they had an asymmetrical shape. Nobody understood the benefits of that concept at the time.

Sebastian Bär - Cross Country

When crewing at the worlds toughest footrace, the Badwater Ultramarathon, a few years ago, Sebastian observed that a lot of the elite athletes cut open the front of their running shoe to have more freedom for their toes and reduce the risk of injury. His unique know-how in making casual shoes with toefreedom® inspired him to introduce this design philosophy to the running shoe industry.

Badwater Ultramarathon
Sebastian Bär - Asymmetrical shoe last for toefreedom®
Sebastian Bär & Lee Saxby

Sebastian works closely with Lee Saxby to make the principles of natural foot function accessible to the general public and to help people finally focus on our most neglected part of the body again: our feet!

Together they researched the historical background of toefreedom® out of pure passion and present their heroes here:


Featured in Runner's World: The homestory with a look behind the scenes!

To see how running shoes are made, you usually have to be a complete insider. We had a visit from Urs Weber - editor of Runner's World. He describes his impressions of development and production at Joe Nimble extensively in the German running magazine.
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