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The Science


Lee Saxby is one of the most recognized coaches for running technique on a global level. Over the last 15 years Lee has been a key figure in the natural movement / barefoot revolution and has been consulted by various shoe companies, university research projects, and injured athletes for his ability to diagnose and correct biomechanical problems. Best-selling author Christopher McDOugall (“Born to run”) as well as the barefoot professor Daniel E. Liebermann (Harvard University) were able to regain their natural athletic abilities through Lee´s coaching methods. Lee works closely together with Joe Nimble developing innovative, holistic movement concepts.

If you are a professional trainer, instructor, chiropractor, physical therapist, you can take your foot function education to the next level and become a certified foot map practitioner. Discover the tools to educate clients on their current level of foot function whilst learning the fundamentals of human foot function and how it influences the biomechanics of the entire body. It’s an excellent way to get to the root course of movement related pain, an our customers can book foot map practitioner consultations through the beNimble academy.

Looking to swat up? Browse through our scientific articles or download our free ebook “foot function, exercise related pain & the influence of footwear” which has been co-authored by Lee Saxby & Dr Mick Wilkinson.

The deep squat is an excellent exercise to develop leg strength, joint mobility, and the skill of aligning bodyweight over the base of support relevant for running.
Der Berlin-Marathon rückt näher. Daher ist es wichtig zu wissen, welche Anforderungen ein solches Ereignis an die Füße stellt und wie wichtig eine gute Fußfunktion und entsprechendes Schuhwerk sind, um diese Anforderungen zu bewältigen.
Read the scientific article and find out about the Biology of Running Injuries.
Find out how important the position and control of the big toe is for human movement.
Do you want to know which is a major perpetuating factor in chronic musculoskeletal pain throughout the body?
If you are thinking of getting fit in the new year – invest in your feet, before you invest in a gym membership.
Strengthening exercises (known as toega) have been proven to improve foot function. Read the scientific evidence.

Born to walk

“Walking is man’s best medicine” (Hippocrates) Read more about the health benefits of walking.
“The great tragedy of science- the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact” Thomas Huxley. Proponents of forefoot and barefoot running wrong

How low can you go?

Up to 50% of all injuries sustained by runners are at the knee (van Gent et al., 2007). Among the most common is patellofemoral pain syndrome...
Effective and efficient energy transfer is nature’s first principle of design...

Use it or lose it.

Improvements in function, fitness and health are well-known adaptations to intelligent physical activity, but they are hard won. ...

Nimble body, nimble mind

Extended average lifespan has resulted in increased prevalence of age-related neurodegenerative disorders including dementia, Alzheimer’s and...
Ageing is an inevitable process in all biological systems characterised by loss of function and ultimately death. While average lifespan has...