Joe Nimble
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Pain-Free Stories

I am Andrina Hodel, a passionate pole vaulter from Switzerland.

Michael's Pain-Free Story

I am Michael and my passion and vocation are extreme runs that challenge me and get me into the flow.

Jen's Pain-Free Story

My name is Jen. I am a passionate barefoot trail runner in the Allgäu Alps.

Michael's Pain-Free Story

I am Michael and my passion/vocation are outdoor sports

Jost´s Pain-Free Story

I am an alpinist and my passion is mountaineering and everything that goes with it.

Caryn's Pain-Free Story

My name is Caryn Lubetsky and my passion is ultra running!

Jens' story

Hear from ultra mountain runner Lord Jens Kramer about how the Joe Nimble Functional Footwear concept changed his life.

Jost's Story

I am Jost Kobusch, alpinist. At least mountaineering is usually the first thing I'm associated with. Actually, I am a curious child who wants to explore the world.

Natalie’s Story

Find out how physiotherapist Natalia Gallant's life changed when she met running coach and biomechanic Lee Saxby.
Functional Footwear helped chiropractor Dr. Courtney Conley overcome pain and improve health - her own and her patients'.

Holly’s Story

'My feet are my roots connecting me to the earth.' Read how Fucntional Footwear and yoga promoted Holly Dowling's painfree movement.

Russ’ Story

Functional Footwear is a massive step in the right direction for fitness and health. Read more about personal trainer Russ Harris.

Jonas’ Story

Jonas Drott is a Primal Health coach and true outdoor enthusiast. Our survival specialist talks about his experiences.

Piers’ Story

Passionate marathon runner Piers de Gruchy discovered the benefits of functional, comfy business shoes.

Fredrik’s Story

Fredrik Andersson practises naprapathy and believes that walking is one of the most powerful therapeutic exercises for humans.

ParkourONE’s story

Health promotion is one of the foundations of ParkourONE's philosophy and also the basis of their personal training.

Dorothee´s story

Dorothee Appel is a personal coach and psychological advisor with a strong passion for healthy movement and nutrition.

Philippe’s Story

Foot health is crucial in all categories of training within the ‘Natural Method’. Learn more about Philippe Til and his approach.

Johanna’s Story

My name is Johanna Rydberg. For the last ten years I’ve been competing at an elite level in thai boxing and work as a personal coach.

Pierre’s Story

Pierre Johnsson is a personal trainer and ultra-marathon runner. He loves to pass on his healthy lifestyle to his clientele.

PaulssonPaleo’s Story

We are PaulssonPaleo and our passion is to live a healthy, clean and sustainable lifestyle on a farm in Simlångsdalen, Sweden.

Sandra’s Story

My name is Sandra Sällström and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. Training, health and well-being play a central role in my life.

Nala’s Story

Coming from a background in movement arts, I’ve always had a fascination with the innate adaptability of the human body.

Rannoch’s Story

I am Rannoch Donald and my passion/vocation is Every Day Activity which I promote through the 100 Rep Challenge.

Yoga is being nimble

My name is Petra Vonšovská and my passion is Ashtanga yoga. I teach the practice developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India.
Dr Mick Wilkinson is a senior lecturer in sport, exercise and rehabilitation science at Northumbria University.

Eva’s Story

Eva Roupcová is a specialized in sports physiotherapy in the Czech Republic. Read more about Eva's running style.
In many respects my own story is Joe Nimble®s’ story. And it all began with a running injury. Perhaps you can relate to it.