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myFoot App

myFoot App: Discover the Joe Nimble App!

FACT:  8 out of 10 people in western societies have dysfunctional feet. An unstable basis is the  root cause of joint problems further up the body. Are your feet functioning as nature in intended? Find the answer with the brand new myFoot App.

Lee Saxby - renowned expert on natural movement and biomechanics - will explain the results of 3 quick and easy tests to determine your foot function. You´ll then be guided through the next steps to being nimble through healthy foot function!

With the myFoot App you can start your journey to happier, healthier feet NOW Over 80% of people in Western societies have a dysfunctional foot as a result of wearing poorly fitting shoes. So what is perceived as "normal" is not synonymous with natural. When the foot loses its fundamental stabilizing function it can not support the body as nature intended. Other muscles and joints compensate for this unstable base, which often leads to common chronic musculoskeletal problems such as back and knee pain!

The journey to healthier more functional body begins with your feet: the basis for every movement.

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