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Care tips

1. Using a shoe tree
Ideally you should only wear your shoes for one day and then let them rest for at least one day. Put your shoes (still warm, right after taking them off) on a shoe tree, which should be made of untreated wood so that it can absorb moisture well. The shoe tree ensures that the natural shape of the shoe is retained, that the leather can recover and that your shoes have a much longer life.

2. sports shoe care

Textile / mesh uppers:
Shoes with a textile or mesh upper need to be cared for differently than leather shoes. Unlike textiles, we do not recommend machine washing the shoes. Here, there is simply always a risk of damage to the upper.  Instead, you should wash your shoes under lukewarm water with a mild soap (please remove the footbed first) and then let them air dry (please do not use the heater).

3. How to look after leather shoes
Regularly remove dirt and dust with a damp cloth or soft brush. It is also possible to wash your shoes under lukewarm water, but make sure that the leather is evenly moist to prevent edges.

Never place your shoes directly on/near a radiator or heater. Please allow the shoes to completely dry out before applying care products.

To maintain your smooth leather shoes use a soft cream that quickly penetrates the pores, or use a wax cream if you plan putting your shoes under a bit more stress (i.e lots of hiking adventures). Note: The longer the cream or wax is absorbed, the more work you will have to do to polish the shoes, but the better the gloss effect!

The best way to apply the care product is by massage in the cream or wax using a brush. With a polishing cloth or a horsehair brush you can achieve the desired shine. Additionally you should spit on the upper from time to time when polishing. This will give you an even higher lustre effect, especially with wax. Spit is better than water, because the enzymes of the spit give the leather a better care effect.

However, shoe care is not only important for the shine of the leather but also gives the leather the nutrients it needs to remain durable and supple. It is like our own skin: without care you will see the negative effect sooner rather than later.

4. How to look after suede leather
Suede leather means all velour-like leathers with a velvety, textured or roughened surface. This makes them more susceptible to soiling than smooth leather, but they are still easy to look after.

Suede leathers must be cleaned of dust with a crepe brush before being impregnated. Stubborn stains are treated with the suede eraser. If snow edges or stubborn dirt disturb the appearance of the velour shoes, clean them with a coarse brush and then hold them completely in the water. Finally they can be washed with mild soap and hung up to dry. This allows the shoe to dry out evenly. When it is dry, brush with the crepe brush in one direction and then impregnated (spray). Regular cleaning and care is worthwhile! In particular, neglecting the fine leather fibers on the surface can lead to “shiny” spots. By roughening the fibres from time to time with a soft suede or cleaning rubber, you can easily prevent “shiny” spots and maintain the velvety finish.

5. How to look after wax nubuck leather
Wax nubuck leather should be cleaned with a coarse brush (wash and dry if necessary), then treated with a crepe brush and impregnated (spray).

6. How to look after patent leather
Patent leathers should only be treated with patent leather care products. Anything else does more harm than good.

7. Care & Protection from snow and rain
Shoes must never be dried on a heater! When the shoes are completely soaked, stuff them with newspaper and change the paper when it is soggy. The so-called snow edges, which come not only from road salt, but mostly from tanning salts and minerals in the leather itself, are washed with a cloth soaked in warm water - it is recommended to wash the whole shoe with the wet cloth.

8. Using a shoehorn
A shoehorn is not only for decoration, but a real shoe care product because nothing helps once the heel part of the shoe is ruined!

9. How to remove stains
Shoes get dirty. What can you do?

  • The best way to remove grease stains is with household cleaning gasoline.
  • Chewing gum can be removed if you freeze it briefly in the freezer compartment beforehand.
  • Blood is washed out with cold water and soap.
  • Remove pen strokes from suede leather: Put adhesive tape on the stroke, scratch over with your fingernail, pull off jerkily.
  • Glue: Freeze like chewing gum in the freezer and then rub off.
  • Salt and snow edges are best removed with light vinegar water.
  • Black stripes on suede shoes, e.g. by getting caught on stairs. or on the accelerator pedal, can be "erased" with a suede leather stain rubber.
  • Sugar stains can be removed with warm water.