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Joe Nimble® is a fast-growing shoe brand in Europe, with a unique product philosophy. We are seeking a retail and distribution partner for markets with specialty in Running (Road Running, Trail Running), Outdoor (esp. Hiking) and Fitness (esp. Gym).


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Joe Nimble® is a pioneer in the field of "Toefreedom®" and "Functional Footwear". Ever since it was established in 1982, the parent company BÄR Shoes has been looking at how the concept of toefreedom®, integrated in the shoe-last design, increases stability of the foot in motion. The brand Joe Nimble® hast started 10 years ago to integrate this concept to a more active lifestyle oriented product segment and launched the running category successfully early in 2020. Managing Director  Sebastian Bär has a mission: to enable pain-free running for a lifetime. Together with biomechanist Lee Saxby and other world-renowned peers in running technology and footwear science, Sebastian has developed a revolutionary shoe design for maximum stability and pain-free running based on its core toefreedom® philosophy.

The range currently includes the segments performance (road, trail, gym and recovery), lifestyle and kids. For its commitment to foot health, Joe Nimble® has been awarded the Red Dot Award, the German Design Award Special Mention and Top Innovator, among others.

The concept: Functional Footwear - The product’s USP: Toefreedom®

While conventional running shoes restrict the toes and prevent their natural anchoring and stabilizing function, Bär, together with renowned running coach and biomechanist Lee Saxby and a team of experts including technicians, engineers, industrial designers and footwear industry professionals, has developed a revolutionary shoe design for more toefreedom® and maximum stability.

A wider, anatomically correct toe box allows the toes to perform their natural stabilizing function during the ground contact phase of running, protecting stabilizing muscles from overuse. The soles have physiologically balanced cushioning and zero heel drop. Catering to the specific form of

the female foot, which has a narrower heel and midfoot, Joe Nimble works with specific shoes lasts for the female fit. These biomechanical design aspects, combined with exceptional slip resistance developed in a partnership with Soles by Michelin, help create a more natural running style that is easier on the joints. The risk of injury is thus significantly minimized. All products follow the mission: For the Betterment of Runners.

Proof of Concept at world’s toughest Ultra Marathon: Badwater
To test the concept under the most extreme conditions, Sebastian Bär had some of the toughest ultramarathon runners participate and finish at the Badwater Ultramarathon – a 217-kilometer non-stop footrace through Death Valley in the middle of july, where leading car manufacturers take their latest innovations to the limit on test drives. They all needed only one pair of shoes, experiencing no problems whatsoever with their feet.

The concept of functional footwear and toefreedom® had thus passed the toughest practical test and brought him a decisive step forward in his mission: to enable runners to run pain-free for a lifetime.

Plenty of scientific evidence: Championing the cause of toefreedom® since 1982.

Sebastian and Lee have been working on feet for their lifetime and have a combined know how of over 50 years. Both are acknowledged by peers as pioneers of cutting-edge technology in the craft and science of podiatry. Working with Dr Mick Wilkinson from Northumbria University, Joe Nimble® has provided evidence resulting from several scientific opinion papers and studies published in leading specialist publications.

Technological innovations: A Partnership with Soles by Michelin and Footwear Innovation Lab

Michelin has been forging a better way forward for over 100 years. They have spanned millions of miles on the mission to develop groundbreaking multi-surface contact for vehicles operating in the most challenging environments all over the world.

Joe Nimble decided to partner with Soles by Michelin because of their unrivalled expertise in rubber and tread design to equip the shoes with the perfect outsole for Functional Footwear to meet the unique demands of runner’s all over the world.

Moreover, another focus in production is on innovative local technologies and production sites: Pirmasens in Germany offers new state-of-the-art technologies that Joe Nimble® now uses for its innovative projects in the segment of recovery and kids. Fast, agile development cycles and quick response to market demand are the results.

100% family owned with 40 years of experience

Behind Joe Nimble® is the family business BÄR GmbH: since 40 years one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality comfort shoes that support healthy walking. The second-generation business focuses on high-quality materials, innovative design, top-quality craftsmanship and sustainability. Under the management of the founder sons Christof and Sebastian Bär and Werner Ruf, BÄR GmbH / Joe Nimble® employs over 500 people at locations in Ludwigsburg, Germany and in India.

Successful use cases of existing expansion in Scandinavia

Joe Nimble® has first hand experience entering the scandinavian market and has successful proof of the market potential. Functioning as first use cases Joe Nimble runs single brand retail stores operated by partners as well as mulitbrand stores in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland. The first hand experience and close end-customer contact gave proof to what was expected: The demand in functional footwear is growing and demands for more widely spread distribution channels.

Joe Nimble® currently distributes throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Partnering with Joe Nimble: a Hand in Hand Partnership

Joe Nimble® is based in southern Germany, close to Stuttgart. You will work closely together with our Brand and Product Management team. We provide local training and education to support you. You will be responsible for growing the Joe Nimble® market share. We have yearly Distributor meetings where we share best practices and we bring in our german marketing team to inform you on the latest updates, training materials and technologies.

As partners we agree to cooperate in good faith in setting pricing, inventory levels, and delivery times. We will also keep you informed of activities related to sales, trade marketing, and promotion of our products in your territory. We ask the same of you. We ask that you respect our intellectual property, proprietary interest, and ownership of the trademark and patents related to our brand.


Partners who honor our mission, agree with our purpose, and truly appreciate working with a company that values honesty, personal growth and education.

Partners who are self-motivated to work and excel at a higher level of performance, who understand their job and take responsibility for carrying out the daily details while keeping the big picture in mind.

Partners who understand that how we do what we do is more important than what we do.

Partners who understand we are a team and that a team wins together or loses together.

The key to long-term success with Joe Nimble® is to accomplish the requirements of the partnership and do it in a way that meets or exceeds the spirit of the Vision, Core Values and Purpose of our Mission Statement.

If you´re interested of forming a part of our ever-growing team, we would like to talk with you about the possibilities of working together in your sales area. Simply
send an email and ask for further information.

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