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Katharina Blank

Katharina Blank Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior

"I came across the brand and their toefreedom® design philosophy by chance and was amazed at the functionality of the shoe in terms of fit and grip, especially during my Ninja Warrior competitions. This was unlike any other shoes I had worn before in Ninja sports."

Katharina Blank is an engineer from Bietigheim-Bissingen / Germany. In her youth she practiced pole vaulting and javelin throwing. Today she keeps fit as a Hyrox athlete and Spartan / OCR obstacle runner. After her ninja experience with "Team Ninja Warrior Germany", she made it all the way to the semi-finals of Ninja Warrior Germany in 2019.

See more action-packed shots of Katha on her Instagram.

Katha in action with our nimbleToes:

Katharina Blank with nimbleToes

Photographer: Markus Hertrich

Katharina Blank with nimbleToes

Photographer: Christian Balkheimer

Hannes Wolpert

Hannes Wolpert Ironman


"I particularly enjoyed the sensation of toefreedom® and the level of cushioning that provides me with adequate sensory feedback whilst still remaining comfortable during my long runs on the road."

Hannes works in the Central Ludwigsburg Clinic and is a top German Triathlon talent. At the age of 4 he completed a school triathlon. At age 15 he was in the Baden-Württemberg state squad in Germany. In 2016 he founded the "SpeedLifeCrew" with Veit Hönle, Dominik Sowieja, Philipp Nothof and Andreas Stoll, which in 2017 moved to Jörg Scheiderbauer and Alexandra Rittner in the "Racextract" camp. In 2019 he took part in the Ironman World Championships in Nice, France and Hawaii, USA.

Learn more about Hannes on his homepage.

Hannes trains with our nimbleToes Addict:

Hannes Wolpert with nimbleToes Addict
Hannes Wolpert with nimbleToes Addict

Jennifer Asp

Jennifer Asp Trailrunning


"Having been a big fan of barefoot shoes in the past, I was amazed how my running improved when wearing Functional Footwear with toefreedom® and an intelligent level of cushioning."

Jennifer is one of Sweden's most talented trail runners. She lives with her boyfriend and her two budgies Bob and Nelson in Åre in northern Sweden, where she can live her passion in the wild nature every day to the limit.

Discover more of Jennifer on Instagram.

Here you can see here running in our nimbleToes Trail Addict:

Jennifer Asp in nimbleToes Trail Addict
Jennifer Asp in nimbleToes Trail Addict