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Kleber ´Binho´ dos Santos

Kleber ´Binho´ dos Santos


Kleber ´Binho´ dos Santos is one of the most passionate runners we have ever seen. He is not only the three times champion and current course record holder of the @br135ultramarathon but also finisher of this years @badwaterhq 135 Ultramarathon: “The World´s toughest footrace!”.

“The amount of miles Kleber puts into his daily training schedule and the extreme ultramarathons he regularly runs, is a valuable testing ground and confirmation for current and future shoe models we develop.” says Sebastian, founder and CEO of Joe Nimble who met Kleber in Death Valley in July of this year, where he was impressed with Klebers athletic talent and potential as a long distance runner.

Kleber confirmed in Death Valley already, that our toefreedom® philosophy was such a unique positive experience for him, that he spontaneously – against all unwritten runner rules – he decided to wear the Ultreya® during part of the Badwater Ultra: “It's the first time in my life and actually against all rules that I wear a new shoe for the first time during a race. But I felt more comfortable with it. I don't know why, but that's how it was.", says Kleber.

Please join us in welcoming @ultramaratonista_kleber on board and give your thumbs-up for his support of growing our sport and his passion for running.



Joao Andrade

Joao Andrade


Joao is a Portuguese #ultrarunner and sports entreprenerur: basically serious all-around ultrarunning!

Joao has BIG goals for the year ahead, including the participation at @br135ultramarathon and will attempt to once again be selected to run the “World’s Toughest Footrace” @badwaterhq 135 in 2023!

Joao’s awesome progress on a short running span of just over five years speak for itself. From running over 281 kms non-stop at #pt281ultramarathon with just a couple of years of running to tackling several long distance races of 100-mile and beyond in top positions leading up to a great finish at Badwater 135 last year!

Joao said: “I am honoured to be part of such a hardworking running team. I fully believe that Joe Nimble is making strides to becoming one of the most ground breaking companies in the running shoe world, due to their innovative toefreedom® philosophy. I was impressed that the company has first introduced the benefits of toefreedom® to the shoe industry already 40 years ago. With the support of the team and the benefits of their philosophy to my own running, I hope to enjoy many races, have great experiences and improve my performance!!”

Basically if there’s someone who knows how to move with determination + will power on ultra races, it’s Joao!



Lord Jens Kramer

Jens Kramer Trailrunning

Extreme trail runner

"Before I came across Functional Footwear by Joe Nimble, I was out and with self-made Tarahumara sandals. Now I am unstoppable with my Joe Nimble Trail Addict. This shoe combines stability, protection, and grip and above all the valued Toefreedom without losing my beloved feeling of freedom. This shoe combines all the demands I have on a shoe."

Lord Jens Kramer Lord Jens Kramer is a trail runner from South Tyrol, who attracted attention in the trail running scene in particular with his two-time first place in the TransAlpine Run (2016, 2019,2021,2022 planned ) and his participation in the UTMB Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc. His five-time participation in the SUSR Südtirol Ultra Sky Race led to the inclusion in the world rankings of the ITRA elite. The former triathlon athlete of the Italian national team found his way back to running after a foot injury and has known since then about the importance of his foot health.

Interview with Jens Kramer by Soles Michelin you can find here Trailrunning Champion.

Successes 2021:

1st place mixed-master transAlpine Run.
10th place at the Marathon des Sables, Sahara: a six-day ultra marathon of 250 km through the desert. Discover the exciting video with Jens Kramer at the Marathon de Sables 2021 in his Trail Addicts. 30e Marathon des Sables. Also check out the portrait of Jens Kramer at the Marathon de Sables an.

Race Calendar 2022: Scheduled races by Lord Jens kramer in nimbleToes Trail Addict:

IATF Innsbrucker Alpine Trailrunning Festival
-Stuiben Trail
-Scenic Trail (100 Meilen )
-DUT Dolomiten Ultra Trail
-RSSM Rosengarten Schlern Sky Marathon
-PAGT Pitztal Alpine Glacier Trail
-TAR TransalpineRun
-Absolutes Highlight... ETR Everest Trail Race in Nepal
-Startrails Montafon (3 day race)
-Tour de Tirol (3 day race )

Learn his story now on his blog Jens Kramer.

Discover more of Jens on Instagram.

Jens Kramer im nimbleToes Trail Addict
Jens Kramer im nimbleToes Trail Addict

Katharina Blank

Katharina Blank Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior

"I came across the brand and their toefreedom® design philosophy by chance and was amazed at the functionality of the shoe in terms of fit and grip, especially during my Ninja Warrior competitions. This was unlike any other shoes I had worn before in Ninja sports."

Katharina Blank is an engineer from Bietigheim-Bissingen / Germany. In her youth, she practiced pole vaulting and javelin throwing. Today she keeps fit as a Hyrox athlete and Spartan / OCR obstacle runner. After her ninja experience with "Team Ninja Warrior Germany", she made it all the way to the semi-finals of Ninja Warrior Germany in 2019.

See more action-packed shots of Katha on her Instagram.

Here you can see Katha in action on Ninja Warrior with our nimbleToes:

Katharina Blank with nimbleToes

Photographer: Markus Hertrich

Katharina Blank with nimbleToes

Photographer: Christian Balkheimer

Jennifer Asp

Jennifer Asp Trailrunning


"Having been a big fan of barefoot shoes in the past, I was amazed how my running improved when wearing Functional Footwear with toefreedom® and an intelligent level of cushioning."

Jennifer is one of Sweden's most talented trail runners. She lives with her boyfriend and her two budgies Bob and Nelson in Åre in northern Sweden, where she can live her passion in the wild nature every day to the limit.

Discover more of Jennifer on Instagram.

Here you can see here running in our nimbleToes Trail Addict:

Jennifer Asp in nimbleToes Trail Addict
Jennifer Asp in nimbleToes Trail Addict

Hannes Wolpert

Hannes Wolpert Ironman


"I particularly enjoyed the sensation of toefreedom® and the level of cushioning that provides me with adequate sensory feedback whilst still remaining comfortable during my long runs on the road."

Hannes works in the Central Ludwigsburg Clinic and is a top German Triathlon talent. At the age of 4 he completed a school triathlon. At age 15 he was in the Baden-Württemberg state squad in Germany. In 2016 he founded the "SpeedLifeCrew" with Veit Hönle, Dominik Sowieja, Philipp Nothof and Andreas Stoll, which in 2017 moved to Jörg Scheiderbauer and Alexandra Rittner in the "Racextract" camp. In 2019 he took part in the Ironman World Championships in Nice, France, and Hawaii, USA.

Learn more about Hannes on his homepage.

Hannes trains with our nimbleToes Addict:

Hannes Wolpert with nimbleToes Addict
Hannes Wolpert with nimbleToes Addict