You cannot produce this unique running sensation on an assembly line. When designing and manufacturing Joe Nimble® barefoot shoes we use traditional shoemaking craftsmanship, high-quality materials and innovative processes. From the choice of materials through to the final product control, we only have one goal  - to deliver been maximum quality. Why does this matter? Joe Nimble® barefoot shoes  remain comfortable, flexible and elastic for a longer period. Our objective for over 35 years has to make shoes, which allow you to walk natural nimbly.



Quality starts with the choice of materials.

For Joe Nimble® leather shoes, we use hand-picked hides and skins: cowhide and calfskin leather from Germany and Italy, elk leather and other leather from wild animals from Scandinavia. Our shoes are tanned by experienced specialists using the latest technologies.

The soles of Joe Nimble® barefoot shoes support your feet where necessary and provide free space you need. ith our innovative 4 mm thin comfort footbed every step is cushioned (for an even more direct feeling: simply remove the sole). In combination of toe-freedom and zero heel concept, you experience a unique, natural walking comfort.



We have received multiple awards for our innovative design and the high-quality of our products. We find it rewarding to receive awards for being consistent on our path to invent the perfect pair of barefoot shoes.


THE 24 + 12

We love it
when we can exceed your expectations.

Therefore, we offer a guarantee on your Joe Nimble® shoes that goes far beyond the stipulated 24 months. With Joe Nimble®, you receive a 36 months' guarantee, so to speak 12 months more. Naturally we take each guarantee claim personally. All you have to do is to contact us by email at customercare@joe-nimble.com or by telephone : +49 (0)7142 956610 (fee-based, charges depend on country of origin).


Good shoes, good service

All services are not created equal. As a customer of Joe Nimble® you can rely on the following: We are here for you. Whether you need help with the right size or fit or anything
else. If something is not quite right, we respond quickly and efficiently. This is what we mean by good service. For us, good service is as important as good shoes.

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